What is a co-payment?

A co-payment is a fee that you will need to pay if you’re admitted into a private room in a public or private hospital under selected hospital covers. A co-payment helps to reduce the premium of the cover.

If you’re admitted into a shared room in a public or private hospital, you won’t need to pay a co-payment.

The only Frank hospital cover that has a co-payment is Better Hospital (with co-payment) (Silver). If you have any other hospital covers, co-payments don’t apply.

Do I have to pay a co-payment?

Frank’s Better Hospital (with co-payment) (Silver) cover is the only hospital product that includes a co-payment. It applies if you’re admitted into a private room in a public or private hospital.

Some private hospitals only have single rooms and co-payments will apply.

How is an excess different?

Excesses and co-payments aren't the same thing. If you have Frank’s Better Hospital (with co-payment) (Silver) and you paid an excess when you were admitted, you may still have to pay a co-payment as well. While you generally only pay excess once a year (regardless of how many times you are admitted to hospital), co-payments are based on individual hospital admissions.

How much are Frank’s co-payments?

Frank’s Better Hospital (with co-payment) (Silver) co-payment is $100 per night. This is capped at $700, so after seven consecutive nights you won't have to pay any more co-payments as part of that admission.