What to take to the hospital

Don’t forget the important stuff.

Remembering what to take to hospital can be difficult. Below are some of the important things you might need for your hospital stay.

  • Any instructions from your doctor or preadmission nurse
  • All medication including non-prescription or alternative medicines and vitamins
  • GP name and contact details
  • Contact details for carer, next of kin or medical power of attorney
  • List of your health providers eg. Physio, diabetes education, pharmacist
  • Your medical history
  • Medicare card
  • Frank member card
  • Phone charger
  • Toiletries
  • Comfy change of clothing
  • Footwear – easy to take on and off
  • If you have an Advanced Care Plan make sure the hospital can access a copy. You may need to ask your GP for a copy.

Before you arrive

For planned admissions, usually your hospital admissions centre will contact you a day or two prior with information including:

  • What time to arrive
  • Where to go
  • Any fasting or medication requirements prior to arrival
  • Any excess requirements if applicable
  • Any other information

If you have questions during your stay

There may be lots of people coming and going from your side including medical and support staff. If you have any questions, your nurse will be able to assist or guide you in the right direction.

If you have non-medical concerns a patient liaison or social worker will be able to help you or make suggestions of who to speak with.

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