How can health insurance support pregnancy?

Having a baby can be an exciting time in your life, but thinking about it can also lead to lots of unanswered questions. Knowing where to start and having a good plan can put your mind at ease when it comes to planning for pregnancy. We’ve put some explanations on how health insurance can support you through your pregnancy journey.

Which pregnancy services are covered by Frank?

Hospital cover

Gold Hospital covers you for pregnancy and IVF and assisted reproductive services.

You’ll be covered for:

  • Medical procedures including specialists fees, anaesthetic fees and some other hospital charges (whilst you're an inpatient)
  • Hospital charges such as accommodation & delivery suite
  • Your choice of Obstetrician for the labour

There is a 12 month wait for pregnancy and IVF and assisted reproductive services.

Extras cover

Members with Frank’s Lots Extras cover can claim benefits for antenatal and postnatal classes (either 50% or 80% based on your cover up to the $350 annual limit).

Benefits can be claimed for sessions and courses provided by registered midwives or physiotherapists in a private practice. Antenatal classes must be billed separately from the hospital account and benefits are not payable for courses or sessions that are paid for by Medicare. Antenatal and Postnatal classes only have a two-month waiting period.

What isn't covered by Frank?

For pregnancy management and maternity cover, Frank Health Insurance does not cover:

  • Medications for IVF and assisted reproductive services
  • Visits to your GP
  • Obstetricians appointments before the birth
  • Any procedures done in the doctor's rooms (unless performed as an inpatient in hospital)
  • Ultrasounds, blood tests and other tests (unless performed as an inpatient in hospital)
  • Any outpatient services received, like consultations with your doctors or any planning and management fees related to your pregnancy.

What is covered and what's not is explained on Frank’s Gold Hospital page.

When should I upgrade my cover?

You need to take out pregnancy cover, or upgrade your cover, at least 3 months prior to falling pregnant

The waiting period for most pregnancy related services is 12 months.

This will ensure that your baby is covered by your private health insurance cover.

How much will I be covered for?

If you have Frank’s Gold Hospital cover contact us with your medical item numbers (given by your doctors) to check how much we’ll pay.

You will have to pay an excess when admitted to hospital and will also have to pay for any out of pocket expenses from your doctors including obstetrician, pathologist, anaesthetist etc. Make sure you check with them before your hospital visit to confirm any out of pocket amounts.

Do I need to change my policy when my baby arrives?

If you’re on a single or couple policy, you’ll need to change to a single parent or family policy once the baby is born. This will ensure that your baby is covered by your private health insurance cover.

Early motherhood

Sometimes, you hear the first six weeks of a newborn’s life the ‘fourth trimester’, and for good reason. You’re all learning together how this new life works and in many ways, with all the unknowns and the appointments, it may feel like extension of your pregnancy.

For extra support for you and baby during this time, Frank Lots Extras pays a benefit for antenatal and postnatal classes such as lactation consultants and services like physiotherapy.