During your treatment, your GP or allied health professional may determine that the best next step in your treatment is to see a specialist. They’ll write you a letter outlining your relevant medical history and reason for your referral. This letter will be requested when making an appointment with the specialist and can be used with the specialist listed.

Referrals for specialist treatment

Talk to your GP about who they’re referring you to. They may provide you with a list of suggestions based on previous experience or their location.  If there’s someone you’d like to be referred to you can request to see them, or you can ask for an open referral which will allow you to choose a specialist.

The referral letter will outline:

  • Your relevant clinical information about any condition for investigation, treatment, opinion or management
  • The date of the referral, and
  • The signature of the referring practitioner

A referral letter does not necessarily mean you must undergo surgery. A referral simply introduces you to a specialist in the area for further investigation.

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