Basic Hospital cover starts at just $14.10 a week.

Basic Hospital cover for a single person living in Victoria with no LHC, and base rebate tier

About Frank

The Frank Manifesto

"Oh great!" you say. "A manifesto from an insurance company. Big deal! What possible insight could they give me? Aren't they all just making me pay for speculative fears and things that may never happen?"

Well, Frank hopes to change your mind about all that. Yes, Frank realises health insurance can be a grudge purchase. And yes, it's forced upon most people over 30. But there's no reason Frank can't make health insurance clear and simple.

"Simple insurance? Ha!" you say. "Isn't it always a minefield of jargon, convoluted descriptions and suspicious asterisks*?"

Not with Frank. Frank speaks to you in a language you understand. Frank tells you what you need to know, plain and simple. Frank tells it how it is, honestly and to the point.

And that's why Frank is here. To make health insurance less confusing, cheaper and most importantly, something you'll actually use. And frankly, isn't that the point? If you buy it, you might as well use it.

The Frank way

Frank isn't into wasting reams of paper. Or making you wait forever on the end of a phone line. That's why most of your dealings with Frank are online.

In fact, you can do pretty much everything through your member area, right here on the Frank site. If you need help, Frank has some specialists you can call but there's no need to visit a branch. Which is lucky, because Frank doesn't have any.

The Frank way is quick, simple and helps keep premiums down. That's good for you and good for Frank.

Where did Frank come from?

Frank was born in October 2009. Frank's old man, GMHBA, has been in the insurance business since 1934 and today is one of Australia's most trusted health funds.

In short, you're in good hands.

Special Offer

Join Frank on combined cover and after you pay the first month we’ll give you one month free

* Available to new members until 31 August 2016