We thought it was important to tell you a few things about us

Nobody likes health insurance, we should know we’re a health insurance company. Like any other insurance in life, there are probably a million other things you’d rather spend your money on.

The truth is, we’re never going to make it cool, sexy or exciting, but because we hate seeing people get ripped off, we make it simple and affordable.

With Frank you can be confident that you’re getting a good deal with a cover that’s right for you. It won’t make you love us, but at least you won’t hate us.

We tell it like it is

Instead of overwhelming you with jargon, we help you get what you need. This means you’ll get a policy you’ll actually use, at a price you can afford.

We’ve got experience

We’ve been offering simple health insurance since 2009. We’re part of GMHBA, a well-respected health insurer with over 80 years of experience (they’ve been around since 1934). With all that experience, you know you’re in safe hands.

We have service options to suit you

You shouldn’t have to wait for something you can do yourself. We let you manage your membership, update your details and claim when it suits you in the Frank online member area.

If you would rather talk to someone, the Frank team are available via email, webchat or phone from 8am until 6pm, Monday to Friday.

We let you use your favourite dentist

Or Chiro, or Physio, or Optometrist. We don’t play favourites, and we’re not into railroading you into going to ‘preferred extras providers’ like some other health funds. As long as you use a provider who is registered in their field, they’ll get the same treatment and benefits from Frank.

We’re not for profit

We don’t have shareholders, so we’re not here to make money for investors. We’re here to look after our members. Being not for profit means that we can deliver members affordable premiums, good benefits and a great service.

At Frank, we believe that the premiums you pay should go back into benefiting your health insurance experience, not shareholders pockets.

We have members that don’t hate us

At Frank, we don’t expect customers to love us, but we strive to deliver simple and affordable products plus a great customer experience so they don’t hate us. Find out more from Frank customers on Product Review here.