What are Extras?

Extras (sometimes called ancillary cover) include cover for treatments like dental, optical, physio, chiro and other therapies.

These treatments aren’t usually done in hospital, so your hospital cover won’t kick in for them and they aren’t covered by Medicare. Without Extras cover you have to foot the whole treatment bill.

What Extras Cover is best for me?

Frank makes your extras cover decision easy with two different options ‘Some’ and ‘Lots’.

If you only use a few services on the odd occasion throughout the year, Some Extras gives you dental, optical and therapy limits.

If you use lots of services, Lots Extras gives you bigger limits across lots of different treatment types and includes additional services that you won’t see in Some Extras like podiatry, psychology and travel vaccinations.

Check out Frank’s Lots Extras and Some Extras.

How much will I get back?

Frank's extras covers work on a percentage back system where you can choose 50% or 80% back when you take out Some Extras or Lots Extras.

Whatever the provider charges, we pay the % back that is included on your cover up to your annual limits. That means if you are charged $40 for a treatment you’ll get $20 (if you’re on Extras with 50% back) or $32 (if you’re on extras with 80% back).

Choosing 80% back costs slightly more for the cover, but if you don’t go to providers often it will give you a higher benefit for a single visit and use your annual limits quicker. If you regularly see providers, choosing 50% will cost you a little bit less for the cover and allow you to stretch your limits out across the year.

Do I have to use a specific provider?

No. We believe in freedom of choice, so we pay the same benefits to any registered provider. This means you can use your regular dentist, optometrist or physio and still claim.

Will I have to wait before I claim?

Yes, particularly if you’re new to health insurance. With our covers (and most other health insurers) you have to wait a specific amount of time between signing up and making your first claim. This is called a waiting period.

Waiting periods may not apply if you are switching from another fund.

The following table shows the waiting periods that apply.

Frank's Extras cover waiting periods
12 months Major Dental, Orthodontic, Orthotics and Podiatry Surgery
6 months Optical
2 months All other services
0 months Ambulance subscription

Are there services Frank won’t pay on?

Yes there are. It might make us sound mean, but if you have a read, you'll see they're fair. Read the full list of things Frank won’t pay on.


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