What is the Australian Government Rebate on Private Health Insurance?

The Australian Government Rebate on Private Health Insurance is a refund for part of your health insurance that is based on your annual earnings and your age.

You can claim this subsidy as part of your health insurance cost, or from the Australian Tax Office at tax time.

Am I eligible for the rebate?

The rebate is available to those who have full Medicare eligibility and earn under $140,000 for singles and $280,000 for families, couples or single parents.

How much is the rebate?

The rebate amount you are entitled to varies depending on your income tier and age. The table below gives you the full details.

If you are:And your combined taxable income is:
Single $90,000 or less $90,001 - $105,000 $105,001 - $140,000 $140,001 or more
Couple/Family/Single Parent (increases by $1,500 per child after your first) $180,000 or less $180,001 - $210,000 $210,001 - $280,000 $280,001 or more
Then your Federal Government Rebate Tier is:
Under 65 25.06% 16.71% 8.35% 0.00%
65-69 29.24% 20.88% 12.53% 0.00%
70+ 33.41% 25.06% 16.71% 0.00%

Importantly, to make sure you are receiving the correct rebate on your health insurance premiums, keep us up to date with your expected annual income in the member area at any time.

How do you claim the Rebate?

The easiest way for you to claim the rebate is to complete the application form for the Australian Government Rebate on Private Health Insurance during the Frank application process. We will then deduct the rebate from your premiums.

You can also claim the Australian Government Rebate as a tax rebate when you lodge your annual tax return or as a direct payment from the government through any Medicare office.

More information

To find out more about the Australian Government Rebate or the Medicare Levy Surcharge you can:
Visit ato.gov.au/privatehealthinsurance

Visit health.gov.au/privatehealth,

Contact Frank, or

Consult a tax professional.