Learn how to support yourself after treatment and during any rehabilitation.

Going home from hospital

The most important thing when you come home from hospital is to take care of yourself.

Follow any instructions given to you by your specialist or discharge nurse carefully and contact them as soon as possible if you’re unsure or if you don’t feel ‘right’.

If you are not provided with information, or misplace it heading home, call the hospital and ask for information.

On discharge you may also want to know:

  • If you should make follow appointments with doctor or specialist
  • Do you need follow up therapy? This may be covered in your follow up appointment after surgery
  • When can I drive, work and complete physical activities?
  • Can I get a medical certificate for my employer?

Rehab and beyond

Your specialist may suggest physical therapy or other forms of rehab after treatment. For the best recovery its vital you follow these suggestions. Some benefits for services such as physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, and remedial massage are covered under Frank extras policies. You can check your extras cover annual limits to ensure you’re covered for benefits towards these services.

Need more information?

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The Frank team are always here to answer questions or guide you if you need any help.