There’s a lot to take in about hospital cover but we’re here to help you. We can help check you’ve got the right cover for your needs and give you some pointers on what you’ll be entitled to and what to ask specialists when you meet them.

Understand hospital cover

Have peace of mind and avoid surprise out of pocket costs by talking to Frank first.

Questions Frank can help you answer include:

Know that you’re covered

Your policy fact sheet will give you an overview of your hospital cover, including services and benefits however going to hospital can be complicated, and we recommend you contact Frank and we can confirm all the details.

Waiting periods

waiting period is the period of time you have to wait between signing up to a level of cover and being able to claim. Contact Frank to confirm any waiting periods or if you may be impacted by waits for pre-existing conditions.

Pre-existing Conditions

Pre-existing conditions or PECs only impact you if you have joined your cover or upgraded in the last 12 months. PECs are classed as any ailment, illness or condition with any signs or symptoms in the 6 months before signing up for hospital cover or upgrading existing cover.

Pre-existing conditions are determined on the basis of symptoms, not necessarily diagnoses. If a PEC is suspected, we’ll send some paperwork for both your doctor and treating specialist to complete. The paperwork tells us about the condition being treated and when the symptoms first became obvious. If they started before you signed up with us it means your condition will be called ‘pre-existing’ even if you hadn’t been diagnosed yet. The paperwork will then be assessed by a medical practitioner appointed by Frank, who will decide whether your condition is deemed pre-existing or not. For services that relate to your condition, there’s a 12 month wait for these services. 

Confirming PECs can take some time, and we recommend speaking to Frank ASAP if you have any concerns.

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