Ambulance cover explained

Frank covers emergency ambulance services by a recognised provider Australia wide on all hospital products excluding Basic Hospital, Basic Hospital (Some Private) and Starter Bundle. All other hospital covers include all clinically necessary, emergency ambulance treatment and transport in any state or territory of Australia.

Emergency Ambulance doesn’t include:

  • Ambulance transport from a hospital to your home, or ambulance transfers between hospitals,
  • Any services which are not operated by an ambulance provider recognised by Frank,
  • Any non-emergency services, as determined by the ambulance provider.

If you live in VIC, SA, WA or NT, we recommend taking out an ambulance subscription with your state ambulance service provider so that you’re covered for all ambulance services, not just emergency. If you have any Frank extras product, you can claim a benefit on the cost of your ambulance subscription. The amount you get back depends on the level of extras you have.

If you live in NSW, the ACT, QLD or TAS you might already be covered for ambulance services within your state. Because ambulance services can be different state by state, make sure you check with the provider whether they’ll cover you nationally.

State Ambulance Services

You won’t be able to claim ambulance benefits through Frank if:

  • Your state government covers ambulance services
  • You have a Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card,
  • You are eligible for any compensation scheme (TAC, Workcover, etc)