What is Extras Cover?

Extras (sometimes called ancillary cover) includes cover for treatments like dental, optical, physio, chiro and other therapies.

These treatments aren’t usually done in hospital, so your hospital cover won’t kick in for them – plus they aren’t generally covered by Medicare. Extras cover means you don’t have to foot the whole bill yourself.

How much will I get back?

This depends on your choice of extras. You can choose between a cover that lets you claim a percentage back (% back) or the same amount back per visit (fixed benefits).

For example, with Lots Extras, whatever the provider charges, we pay the % back that is included on your cover up to your annual limits. That means if you are charged $40 for a treatment you’ll get $20 (if you’re on Extras with 50% back) or $32 (if you’re on extras with 80% back). Choosing 80% back costs slightly more for the cover, but if you don’t go to providers often it will give you a higher benefit for a single visit and use your annual limits quicker. If you regularly see providers, choosing 50% will cost you a little bit less for the cover and allow you to stretch your limits out across the year.

On a fixed benefit cover like our Everyday Extras you're going to get the same amount back, regardless of how much your provider charges you. This makes it simple to work out how many visits you can get in a calendar year.

What are limits?

On most extras cover there are annual limits which determine how much you can claim per calendar year. Annual limits are the maximum amount that you can claim for a service and a sub limit refers to the maximum amount that can be claimed for a specific treatment within that service.

For example, with Frank Some Extras, you can claim a total annual limit of $500 on dental in a calendar year. Within that $500, there are sub limits for specific preventative dental and major dental services.

Once you have claimed set amounts within your cover, we will stop paying claims. There can also be a limit on the amount of times you can claim the same treatment in a certain time period.

How do I know what my limits are?

Our annual limits can differ depending on the cover you chose. Check out more info on our Extras and Freedom Flexi Bundles pages to get all the details.

How do I claim?

Claiming extras is really easy. Most of the time, it just involves swiping your Frank card with your provider when you receive the service. We pay the provider directly (if the service is included under your cover and you have available limits) and you’ll pay the provider the rest of the bill.

If your provider doesn’t have HICAPS (it’s like an eftpos machine), you’ll need to pay the account in full and submit a claim to Frank for a refund.

There are some exceptions to this, like orthodontics, so for more information check out our How to claim page.

Do I have to use a specific provider?

No. We believe in freedom of choice, so as long as your provider is registered with the appropriate board for their field we pay the same benefits. This means you can use your regular dentist, optometrist or physio and still claim (as long as the service is included in your cover of course).