How do I log into my member area?

Click on the ‘Member Area’ link in the main menu. You can log in from there.

Forgotten your password?

  1. Go to the login page.
  2. Click the "Forgotten your password?" link.
  3. Enter the primary email address for your membership.

You will be sent a password reset link, please follow the instructions provided in your email.

How do I claim my extras with Frank?

The easiest way to claim extras is with your Frank card. Just swipe it at the provider, and we’ll pay them automatically. You just pay the difference.

If your provider doesn’t have the HICAPS/HealthPoint machine to swipe your card you’ll need to pay in full.

Don’t worry though, you can simply lodge the claim online in your member area and we’ll have the money in your account in 1-2 business days.

Why hasn’t my medical claim been paid yet?

In order to pay the medical claims for any hospital visit, we need to have the hospital account first. The hospital can take up to 4 weeks to send this through.

Where do I find my tax statement?

We send your tax information directly to the ATO. Learn more about EOFY with Frank.

Will my first direct debit amount be my normal premium?

Sure will be! We’ll take the first debit within the first business day or two after you sign up. It will just be for your standard premium.

Which extras providers can I go and see in my area?

We believe in freedom of choice, so we pay the same benefits to any registered provider. As long as you don’t work with them and they aren't related to you, then you’re free to see your favourite provider.

Can I claim for consultations in my specialist's rooms?

No. Hospital cover only covers you while you’re an inpatient in hospital, so specialists are only covered for the periods of time you’re admitted. However, Medicare usually covers a portion of the specialist consultation so make sure you check with them.

When do my limits reset?

We work on a calendar year so your limits run from January–December and reset on 1 January each year.

If I reach my extras limit, can I use the rest of my spouse’s limits?

No. There’s a ‘per person’ limit on most of Frank’s extras services. You can’t share limits.

Are orthodontic limits included in dental limits?

On Some and Lots Extras yes. Orthodontic work under theses covers will come off the amount you can claim for dental for the year.

However, on More Extras there is a separate limit for Orthodontic.

I’m going into hospital. Can Frank help me work out my total out of pocket expenses?

Of course. We just need to know the item numbers and the charge from each of your doctors. Then we can let you know what you’ll be covered for.

Your doctors should discuss potential out of pocket expenses with you in their consultations, so remember to ask them.

I’ve got a bill for my in-hospital procedure. What should I do?

Read the how to claim for in-hospital procedures.