What is an excess?

An excess is the amount you pay when you are admitted into hospital as a private patient. Excess fees allow us to keep membership costs low. The most you’ll pay for your excess is $750 per person per year (up to a max of $1500 for a family).

An excess helps keep your costs down

Having an excess on hospital cover keeps your premium down the rest of the time. You only have to pay an excess once a year per a person, so if you visit a private hospital multiple times in a calendar year, even for different reasons, you’ll only have the out of pocket once.

Each year your hospital excess resets, and because Frank Health Insurance is community rated - which basically means we don’t discriminate between sick and healthy people - your next year’s premium won’t be affected.

How do I pay the excess?

When you’re admitted to a hospital as a private patient, you’ll have to pay the excess directly to the hospital. We then pay the rest of your hospital expenses at the rate dictated by your cover.

Private health insurance excess

All Frank hospital insurances have an excess. The most you'll have to pay for excess for hospital visits will vary based on the level of cover.

Gold Hospital (Gold), Max Hospital (Silver+), Better Hospital (Bronze+) and Private Hospital (Bronze) per calendar year;

  • Singles: $750
  • Couple / Family: $750 per person up to a maximum of $1,500 per policy