What travel vaccinations are covered by Frank?

On selected Frank covers, benefits can be paid for travel vaccinations administered by a doctor or at a vaccine clinic if you have a pharmacy receipt, doctor’s account or vaccine clinic account. Frank’s Lots Extras, Everyday Extras and More Extras products include cover for travel vaccinations listed below. Waiting periods, annual limits and sub limits apply.

Vaccination Reason (disease) Vaccinations Brand Name Online Claim Service Item
Cholera Dukoral Dukoral - Cholera
Hepatitis A/Hepatitis B Twinrix Twinrix - Hepatitis A/Hepatitis B
Hepatitis A Avaxim Avaxim - Hepatitis A
Hepatitis A Havrix Havrix – Hepatitis A
Hepatitis A VAQTA VAQTA - Hepatitis A
Hepatitis A/Typhoid Vivaxim Vivaxim - Hepatitis A/Typhoid
Hepatitis B COMVAX COMVAX - Hepatitis B
Hepatitis B Engerix - B Engerix – B - Hepatitis B
Hepatitis B H-B-Vax II H-B-Vax II - Hepatitis B
Influenza Fluad Fluad - Influenza
Influenza Fluarix Fluarix - Influenza
Influenza Fluvax Fluvax - Influenza
Influenza Fluvirin Fluvirin - Influenza
Influenza Influvac Influvac - Influenza
Influenza Vaxigrip Vaxigrip – Influenza
Japanese encephalitis Imojev Imojev - Japanese encephalitis
Measles Priorix (MMR) Priorix (MMR) - Measles
Meningococcal Infections Meningitec Meningitec - Meningococcal Infections
Meningococcal Infections Menjugate Menjugate - Meningococcal Infections
Meningococcal Infections NeisVac-C NeisVac-C - Meningococcal Infections
Poliomyelitis IPOL IPOL - Poliomyelitis
Rabies Mérieux Inactive Mérieux Inactive - Rabies
Rabies Rabipur Inactive Rabipur Inactive - Rabies
Tetanus ADT Booster ADT Booster - Tetanus
Tetanus/Polio/Hepatitis B Infanrix Infanrix - Tetanus/Polio/Hepatitis B
Tuberculosis BCG vaccine BCG vaccine - Tuberculosis
Yellow Fever  Stamaril Stamaril

These services can be claimed online using the Service Items listed above. You may be asked for your claim receipts within the next 2 years so make sure you keep them somewhere safe.

If you have been advised that you need a travel vaccination that is not listed please email frank here with the brand name, disease and cost of the vaccination to assess if benefits may be payable.