Keeping your children covered

Maintaining cover for your children as they grow up is important. We offer a range of cover options for dependants, so that they’ll be covered when it’s most important.

Child dependant

Child dependants are automatically covered on your family or single parent membership until they turn 21 years of age regardless of their student or employment status.

Prior to your child turning 21, you will need to let us know if they are to remain on your policy as a student dependant. You can do this by completing a student declaration. If a student declaration is not completed prior to their 21st birthday, they will be automatically removed from your membership.

Student dependant

Student dependants who are single and completing an apprenticeship, traineeship or studying full time will continue to be covered on your family or single parent membership until they turn 25 years of age.

Registering a student dependant each year

If your child is between 21 and 25 years of age, you will need to submit a student declaration to ensure they remain covered by your membership. This declaration needs to be completed prior to April 1 each year to confirm your child’s status as a student.

For current student dependants, if we don’t receive a student declaration prior to April 1, they will automatically be removed from your membership. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you to complete a student declaration each year.

If a student dependant completes their full time study or eligible apprenticeship/traineeship mid-year, they’ll remain covered on your membership until 31st March the following year or until they turn 25, whichever occurs first.

Ensuring your child is covered once they turn 25, or are over 21 and not a student dependant

If your child is over 21 and not eligible or ceases to be eligible to remain on your membership as a student dependant, they will need to take out their own cover. They will also need to take out their own cover if they turn 25, regardless of their student status.

To avoid re-serving waiting periods your child’s new cover will need to start from the same date they are removed from your membership. Dependants will have 60 days from the date they are removed to organise their new cover.

To make this transition as easy and seamless as possible please contact us on 1300 516 470.