How do I switch to Frank?

We make switching from your old health insurer easy. All you have to do when signing up to a Frank cover is give us the details of your old provider and we’ll put in the request to transfer you to Frank.

How does the transfer work?

When you ask us to transfer your health insurance during online sign up, you’re agreeing for us to contact your old fund on your behalf. We’ll request the cancellation of your previous cover and ask them to send us a transfer certificate.

Some funds allow us to request a transfer certificate after you buy your new cover online, while others need your signature to authorise the switch. If you do need to sign a form, we’ll let you know within 48 hours of joining Frank.

Once your old insurer receives a transfer request from Frank, they must process it within 14 days, issue a transfer certificate to us (or you) and pay a refund on any premiums paid ahead of the cancellation date (as long as you haven’t made any claims within that time).

Will my waiting periods reset?

You can avoid serving new waiting periods (or benefit limitation periods) when you transfer your health insurance from another health insurer, just as long as you:

  • Have already served all of the waiting periods with your previous health insurer, and
  • Have switched to an equivalent or lower level of cover within the 30 days of your membership ceasing with your previous health insurer.

If your new cover with us includes higher benefits or services that weren’t covered by your previous policy, you’ll have to serve the Frank waiting periods before you can claim those specific benefits at the new (higher) level. In the meantime, we will cover you for the same services you were previously covered for (as long as they're part of your new cover).

If you transfer to Frank before serving the waiting periods with your previous health insurer, you’ll need to serve the balance of the waiting periods or benefit limitation periods before being able to claim.

When you transfer to Frank your extras benefit entitlements will be adjusted by benefits already paid by your previous health insurer.