The team at Frank is here to support you through the COVID-19 pandemic. We know times aren’t so simple right now, but your health and wellbeing is a top priority for us.

We’ll keep this page updated with new information as the situation evolves.

Support for Frank members

We understand some of our members may be experiencing financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through our member support package, we're doing everything we can to support those who really need it over this tough period.

If you're experiencing financial hardship, reach out to the Frank team to discuss your options in more detail.

Check out our frequently asked questions below for more information.

Financial hardship assistance

If you’re still experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19, you may be eligible to suspend your membership, with the ability to reactivate your cover at any time you need.

The Frank team can help to discuss options for you and your situation.

COVID-19 member support package

  • All members with hospital cover will be covered for COVID-19 related hospitalisations, regardless of your level of cover.
  • Telehealth ancillary benefits are available for a wide range of services to support continuity of care at home.
  • We’ve partnered with Kieser to bring physiotherapy and strength training direct to members, with no out of pocket costs. This support measure is available until 31 March 2021.

Telehealth services

To make staying healthy easy as, Frank has introduced new telehealth ancillary benefits for a wide range of extras services.

With social distancing measures in place, it’s important that our members can receive the treatment they need at this time. Telehealth consultations are safe, effective and give members continuity of care from the safety of their homes. Find out more.

Frequently asked questions

COVID-19 and your health cover

  • Frank has introduced new support measures, which mean existing members with hospital cover will be covered for all COVID-19 related hospital treatments as a private patient, as long as you have served your initial two-month waiting periods.
  • This COVID-19 coverage will be provided initially until the end of September 2020, with the intent to review and consider any possible further extension prior to 30 September 2020.
  • We have added wording to hospital eligibility checks to confirm coverage for all of our members with hospital cover so the hospitals are aware that you will be covered.
  • Coronavirus does not have its own clinical category or MBS item number.
  • If you are admitted into hospital to determine the root cause of the presenting illness, this is covered the same way as it would for any other medical admission, eg. flu/pneumonia.
  • If you are admitted to hospital as a result of a condition developed following contracting coronavirus, the condition will come under the applicable clinical category, eg. Lung and Chest.
  • We don't cover outpatient appointments such as GP appointments, blood tests etc.
  • These rules will continue to apply as normal, including for coronavirus.
  • If you buy health insurance now to be covered for coronavirus, the standard two-month hospital waiting periods will apply before you are able to claim benefits.
  • For members who are new to private health insurance, the standard two-month hospital waiting periods will apply.
  • The rules in relation to pre-existing conditions for hospital cover will not apply.

Yes. You may be able to suspend your cover due to financial hardship if you've had an active Frank health insurance policy for at least six months. During a suspension period, you won't need to pay your premium, but you also won't be able to claim on services for this period of time.

Additional suspension measures we have put in place for members who may be experiencing financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic include:

  • Suspension for up to 12 months.
  • Waiving the minimum suspension period so you can reactivate at any time you need.

Talk to one of our Frank team members about your situation and they can guide you through the things to consider, ensure you have the right level of affordable cover and answer any questions.

As with any other type of suspension, you are not able to claim benefits while your cover is suspended.

  • The Federal Government has advised all non-urgent elective surgery will be suspended until further notice from midnight on 26 March due to the coronavirus.
  • If you have a pre-booked hospital admission or ongoing hospital treatment, we would recommend to regularly check in with your doctor and hospital before your admission for the most up-to-date information.

1 October premium changes

  • Increasing premiums is not an easy decision. Going ahead with the 1 October increase is about ensuring we can continue to be here for our members in the short and long term.
  • No health fund wants to increase premiums, however premiums go up each year because health care costing are increasing. Health inflation hasn’t been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Putting our 1 April premium increases on hold was a significant support measure and the 1 October premium increase is still one of the lowest average increases in the past 10 years.
  • We're now focusing on providing more targeted financial relief to those who are still experiencing hardship.

Eligible members who are continuing to experience financial hardship due to COVID-19 can access either:

  • Temporary premium reduction of 30% for a period of three months if you are accessing JobKeeper or JobSeeker.
  • Membership suspension, with the ability to reactivate your cover at any time you need.

Find out more details on our financial assistance options including eligibility criteria.

  • During elective surgery restrictions, health funds have continued to cover vital surgery, mental health treatments, telehealth and allied health services.
  • We also introduced telehealth benefits for a wide range of extras services for members with extras cover to ensure services can still be utilised.

We won’t be rolling over unused extras limits, however Frank has introduced the following initiatives to ensure extras services can still be utilised:

  • Telehealth benefits are available for a wide range of services for members with extras cover.
  • Frank partnered with Kieser to offer our members access to the Kieser Konnect app, as well as telehealth or in-centre Kieser physiotherapy, with no out of pocket costs, up to annual limits.
  • Benefits for telehealth and face-to-face physiotherapy consultations with no out of pocket costs up to annual limits are also available to Frank members in partnership with Geelong Physiotherapy.
  • As a not for profit health, Frank will not profit from the COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to provide ongoing support for our members during this difficult time.
  • Since the start of the pandemic, Frank has put members first and has provided a significant member support package to help our members throughout the pandemic.
  • During elective surgery restrictions, health funds have continued to cover vital surgery, mental health treatments, telehealth and allied health services.

Yes – your premium amount from 1 October 2020 is the same amount that was originally due to take effect from 1 April 2020, which we communicated to members in February 2020.

If you’ve paid your premiums in advance prior to 1 October, there’s nothing you need to do. These payments have been locked in at your pre-1 October rate.

All members pay the same premium for the same policy and insurers cannot discriminate against members based on health status, claims history or age. This system is intended to keep health insurance fair and accessible for all Australians.

We review the premium of each product individually and make changes based on the type of product (e.g. hospital or extras, level of cover), claiming activities and the state that members live in. These changes are needed to make sure the fund and our products are sustainable, and we can keep paying claims.

Getting in touch with Frank

We’re trying our best to make sure our service levels aren’t impacted at the moment, however we may have longer waiting times due to reduced staff levels at Frank. The team is available on 1300 437 265. 

Other ways to get in touch with Frank

We’re working hard to continue making things as simple as possible for our members.