Cheap health insurance for Individuals with Frank

What Is the Best Cheap Health Insurance for Individuals?

Getting the right cheap health insurance plan can save you a considerable amount of money. By eliminating unnecessary extras, which you are not going to use, or choosing a higher hospital excess, you will notice a decrease in the price of your health insurance plan. However, you want to be sure you are still covered for the health care items you need despite choosing a cheap health insurance plan.

* The price shown is per week and applies to a {LIFESTAGE} living in VIC with a $500 excess. It excludes LHC loading and includes a Base Tier Government Rebate

Which Health Insurance Packages Can I Get from a Private Health Insurer?

In general, individuals can choose two types of health insurance policies. The first type is hospital cover, which will cover the cost of a hospital room and some doctor related services. The coverage you will receive from your hospital cover depends on the package you choose. For example, some cheap health insurance policies will cover the expenses of a single room in a private hospital such as Frank Health Insurance ‘Best Hospital’ Cover, while other packages provide coverage for a shared room in a public hospital such as ‘Basic Hospital’ cover with Frank. So if you are looking for individual health insurance make sure you understand what is included in your policy and any waiting periods or excesses included.

Health Insurance Extras plans are another cover which you need to consider if you are looking at individual Health Insurance. Extras include cover for treatment for dental, optical, physio, chiro and much more. It is often worth adding extras to your cheap health insurance policy as these services are not covered by your Cheap Health Insurance Hospital cover or Medicare. Frank Health Insurance offers two different types of Extras cover - ‘Some Extras’ and ‘Lots Extras’. These two different types of cover give individuals looking for cheap health insurance the freedom to select the best policy for them.

What Is the Difference Between Public and Private Hospitals?

When you have a private health insurance plan, you have coverage in both public hospital and private hospitals. Having Hospital Cover gives you the freedom to choose your own doctors and specialists as well as not have to wait months or often it could be years on a Public Hospital waiting list for an elective surgery.

Frank Health Insurance ‘Basic Hospital’ cover, covers hospital expenses in a shared room in a public hospital. This cover is one of the cheapest hospital products available at Frank but can still give you the peace of mind that you are covered in case of an illness or emergency.

If you are wanting Individual Health Insurance and are looking for a higher level of coverage, Frank’s ‘Better Hospital’ Cover includes coverage in both public and private hospitals (and a private room if available) but does not include all the extra doctors’ services. So if you want a cheap health insurance policy and do not foresee that you will need services such as IVF, cataract surgery etc. then this is a great policy for you.

Franks ‘Best Hospital’ policy provides cover for both private and public hospital accommodation as well as a variety of additional doctor services, including cataract surgery, pregnancy services, gastric banding, IVF, joint replacement, renal dialysis and more. If you do not however require pregnancy related services, you can choose our Best Hospital (No Pregnancy) Package. This package leaves out the pregnancy services and saves you money in the process.

How Can Frank Health Insurance Offer Such Affordable Insurance Packages?

Frank is an online health insurance company and we therefore do not have all the overhead expenses of other insurers and can offer customer lower premiums. We are also a not-for-profit company and therefore put all of our profits into making sure our premiums stay low and our customers benefit rise.

Frank has a variety of Individual Health Insurance policies to suit any budget and by taking out health insurance before you are 31 or earning more than $90,000 (taxable income) you may minimise your tax.

Can I Switch from Another Health Insurer to Frank?

Switching from your current health insurer to Frank is very easy and the team at Frank Health Insurance will take care of everything for you. Once you have found the best cheap health insurance policy with Frank just enter all your information online, and we will contact your old insurer and arrange the transfer for you. Upon requesting the transfer, Frank Health Insurance will receive a transfer certificate.

Most transfers will not be accompanied by a waiting period, providing you have already served all the waiting periods with your previous health insurer.

At Frank we want to make Health Insurance easy, affordable and something you will use. We make claiming quick and simple and make sure your premium stay low. In short you are in good hands with Franks Individual health insurance policies!

Skip 2 & 6 month waits on extras* when you join on combined cover by April 30

*For new members (if you have been a Frank Health Insurance member in the last 12 months, sorry you don’t qualify). 12 month waits, annual and sub limits apply. Offer ends 30 April, 2018.