What is a Bundle Cover?

A bundle is a pre-packaged cover with both hospital and extras benefits.

What is an Essentials Bundle?

The perks of private plus a wide range of extras services to help you stay on top of your health. The Essentials Bundle includes benefits for lots of procedures in a private hospital with some exclusions to keep your costs down and gives you 60% back on popular extras.

Check out the Essentials Bundle.

What is a Starter Bundle?

The Starter Bundle is perfect if you’re healthy and are looking for low cost private cover in case you’re in an accident. With the added benefit of 60% back on popular extras, you don’t have to wait until you’re in an accident to be able to use this cover.

Check out the Starter Bundle.

Will I have to wait before I claim?

Yes, particularly if you’re new to health insurance. With our covers (and most other health insurers) you have to wait a specific amount of time between signing up and making your first claim. This is called a waiting period.

Waiting periods may not apply if you are switching from another fund.

Check the Essentials Bundle and Starter Bundle pages for waiting periods.

Are there services Frank won’t pay on?

Yes there are. It might make us sound mean, but if you have a read, you'll see they're fair. Read the full list of things frank wont pay on.