Why get cheap dental health insurance

Regular dental check-ups, cleaning and fast treatment for minor dental problems are important. They also stop more serious dental problems down the track. It's also good for the hip pocket, since major dental costs (such as root canal) can be expensive.

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Unfortunately, even a dental check-up can cost over $100, so many Australians don't see their dentist often. Having cheap health insurance that includes dental cover can reduce the cost of these check-ups and can also reduce the cost of more major work.

The question is how to choose the right cover, from the right health insurer, for the right price?

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Choosing cheap health insurance with dental cover

What's included?
Most health insurers offer cover for a number of different extras services. Things like dental, optical and physiotherapy, but sometimes less common services like podiatry. Generally, the more that's covered, the higher the price. So it's important to understand what you will use, what you won't and make sure that you're not paying for services that you don't need.

What do you get back?
Health insurers will offer anything up to 100% back on extras. This may mean you only end up paying for half of your dentist bill or even less! The more you get back, the more expensive the cover, so it's worth looking at how many times per year you will use your cover, and whether the cost is going to be worth it.

What are the limits?
Most extras have annual limits, meaning there is a maximum amount you can get back each year. If you're likely to claim on these services lots you'll want cover with high limits, but if you don't claim much go for a cover with lower limits. Why pay for things you won't use? Sometimes, getting cheap health insurance with low limits will be the best option!

When can you start claiming?
There are usually waiting periods which can be up to 12 months on treatment. These are very similar across health insurers, but it is worth making sure that you can claim when you need to. Many funds also offer to waive some waiting periods when you join. It's because of waiting periods that it's better to get health insurance earlier, rather than when you urgently need the treatment.

These four tips are a good guide, it still pays to do your research and read the fine print. Especially when it comes to dental cover. Dental can be very complicated, particularly when it comes to major dental.

An example: Sometimes wisdom teeth removal can be classified general dental. Other times it can be classed as major dental, because it's a ‘surgical extraction of teeth'. Depending on the level of cover and how they classify it, wisdom teeth removal may be covered on some policies, and excluded on others.

It's also worth shopping around when it comes to choosing the right dentist. Most cheap health insurance covers (and even expensive ones) will only pay for part of the dentist's bill. Dentists don't have standardised prices, so if you want to pay the least for your treatment, it's worth finding out the prices of the treatment you need and comparing dentists as well as health insurance.

Look for special offers

Whilst you should always first look for the cheap health insurance that best fits your needs, special deals such as reduced waiting periods on extras, or a period of free coverage can be an added bonus.

Depending on your situation, different special offers may suit you better. If you are switching from another fund, and have already served all your waiting periods, there's often no point on having your waiting periods waived. Maybe a free month would be better.

But if you haven't had cover before, and want to start claiming sooner, having waiting period's waived means you're claiming from day one.

Other things to consider

Many of the health funds offering cheap health insurance are not for profit organisations. This means they do not need to make a profit to satisfy shareholders. Instead the dividends are reinvested into the fund to keep premiums low and increase benefits for members. Frank and its parent company GMHBA are not for profit health insurers.

No matter what private health insurer you choose, you will have the peace of mind that you and your family will be much better off than just relying on Medicare. Getting private health insurance offers you more choice and control over your health.

Like all important decisions, you should check the fine print and make sure it fits your lifestyle and your needs. Look for private health funds that offer many options and are available at a reasonable price.

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