Which hospital can I use?

We strongly recommend using one of our Participating Private Hospitals. (Most of the major hospitals are Participating Private Hospitals).

What is a Participating Private Hospital?

These are hospitals that have an agreement with Frank to charge the same amount that we pay. This means that if you’re admitted to a Participating Private Hospital (and your Frank cover doesn’t exclude the procedure), you pay any excess and / or co-payments, and we cover the rest of the hospital bill.

View the full list of Participating Private Hospitals.

What if my hospital isn’t on the list of Participating Private Hospitals?

These hospitals have not agreed to charge at the same rate that Frank pays. While the amount we pay is the same, visiting these hospitals generally means a big out of pocket expense for you, so frankly, we don’t recommend it.

Can I choose my own doctors and specialists in hospital?

We don’t have any preferred specialists. However, providers can bill us directly, so you get more back.

Can I choose my own Extras Provider?

Sure, we don’t play favourites.

You can get the treatment you want, from the provider of your choice. As long as your provider is registered with the governing body for their industry, then that’s all we need.

You get to pick who you want and we pay either 50% or 80% back for Lots or Some Extras (based on your cover) and 60% back for bundles (up to your annual limits)

How do I find my provider when I claim online?

Just search for a provider when making an online claim.

When you're searching, less info actually makes the search easier. Just pop in the provider’s surname, specialty and/or suburb and press search

You’re best not to put in the provider number, as it may not be the same one they have registered with Frank.