Frank Hospital Rewards

As a result of the improved medical benefits that are now available to Frank members under the Access Gap Cover scheme, the Frank Rewards program is now closed.

While members won’t earn any further rewards after 30 April 2022, you will have until 30 April 2024 to use your final balance. Rewards can’t be redeemed after this date.

How to use your remaining Frank Rewards to minimise out of pockets

It’s automatic. If a doctor charges more than Frank covers, and you have an out of pocket expense, we’ll pay you a refund straight into your account within 60-90 days of your hospital admission.

Services accessed before 30 April 2024 will still be paid automatically, even if your claim is processed after this date. Claims processed by Frank will be paid via direct credit into your nominated bank account.

There is no cap on how much of your balance is used in a single transaction. For example, if your Frank Hospital Rewards balance is $400 and your out of pocket costs for a hospital episode are $500, your entire Frank Hospital Rewards balance would be used and your out of pocket costs would reduce to $100.

How Frank Rewards worked

The below table details the Frank Rewards dollars earned based on members’ tenure and level of hospital cover. Once your Frank Hospital Rewards balance reached the rewards cap, you stopped accruing dollars until some of the balance is used.

  Single Reward Dollars per year
(capped at $500)
Couple / Family / Single Parent Family Reward Dollars per year
(capped at $1000)
Max Hospital 750 $75 $150
Top Hospital $75 $150
Silver Hospital $55 $110
Better Hospital $55 $110
Essentials Bundle $55 $110
Basic Hospital Plus $40 $80
Basic Hospital $40 $80
Starter Bundle $40 $80

How to check your Frank Rewards balance

You can contact the Frank team to check your latest balance. We will continue to keep you informed of your balance via email and remind you that the final date to use your balance is 30 April 2024.

Frank Rewards closure

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