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Frank Health Insurance provides a range of health insurance options that are not only cheap but also great value. Frank gets that different people have different needs, so Frank has options to ensure they meet your needs and you don't pay for things you don't need.

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* The price shown is per week and applies to a {LIFESTAGE} living in VIC with a $500 excess. It excludes LHC loading and includes a Base Tier Government Rebate

Extras Options With Frank

There are two choices when it comes to Frank's extras health insurance:

A key difference between these two policy options are the inclusion of podiatry, psychology, orthotics and travel vaccinations. Very few people claim these services so if they are not required, the best cheap health insurance options cover will be 'some extras'.

Once you have decided which extra services that you need covered, you then need to decide how much you will claim. In short, decide whether you will be a:

  • Light User, or a;
  • Heavy User

A light user won't need the high annual limits that come with a more expensive cover, so the cheapest health insurance option would suit a light user. If you expect to make a lot of claims in a particular area (eg. major dental) you could reach the annual limit in that area. Once you reach this limit you will need to pay 100% of the remaining bill so it's worth planning ahead.

The final option relates to how much you will get back when you make a claim. Frank gives you the option of:

  • 80% back
  • 50% back

With the 80% extras option you get more back each time you claim, but it will almost mean you will reach your annual limits faster. It is quite common therefore that those individuals who choose the 80% back option also choose extras cover with high annual limits as well. On the other hand, many users who are looking for cheap health insurance options will select the 50% back.

Adding Cheap Hospital Cover

Frank strongly recommends combining extras cover with hospital cover. Frank provides three levels of hospital cover:

Frank's Basic Hospital cover provides basic level of cover in a public hospital (as a private patient). The option to add some private hospital cover is available. Basic Hospital also covers hospital fees and doctor's fees. The costs are covered for shared accommodation in a public hospital. However Frank does not cover costs for a single room in a public hospital or any room in a private hospital (unless you take out the “some private” option). Some of the common procedures such as accidental injury, appendix removal, grommets in ears, minor gynaecological procedures, hernia repair, joint investigations & reconstructions (following an accident), tonsils & adenoids removal can be covered privately by adding the “some private” hospital option to your basic hospital cover.

Frank's Better Hospital will cover you in a private hospital, but has more exclusions and restrictions than Best Hospital cover. Better Hospital gives you the option to be treated in a private hospital, in a shared room. If you want a private room at any stage, you have the option to pay a little extra, called a co-payment to get upgraded, if the hospital has private rooms available.

Best Hospital covers you for a greater range of treatments, including pregnancy, joint replacements, and other commonly excluded services. Best Hospital also gives you the option to be treated in either public or private hospitals, in private rooms.

With Frank's Better and Best cover, you're covered for 120% of the Medicare schedule fee for the procedures and services performed by a doctor unless the procedure or service is restricted from the cover. On Best Hospital, you have the option to select “more gap cover” and be covered for more of the doctors' fees, and have less out of pocket expenses on average.

There are some hospital cover restrictions including the below:

  • Frank will not pay for claims on treatment done over one year ago.
  • If you default on your premiums Frank will not pay you your rebates.
  • Frank will not pay for treatment taken overseas.
  • Frank will not pay for the claims on treatments undertaken by a doctor who is related to you.
  • Government-funded treatment cannot be claimed at Frank.
  • Frank will not pay for what is not covered under your membership.
  • If the doctor who is treating you works at a public hospital, for any treatment received by a doctor in a public hospital, Frank pays only the schedule fee.
  • Frank will not pay more than you were charged for a treatment in a hospital.

Frank's cheapest hospital health insurance is around $12.00 a week. This is great value when added to an extras policy and can help you pay less tax!

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