Yes, Frank may match special offers this month

A lot of people think buying health insurance is all too hard. Fair enough – there’s a lot of distractions out there and everyone wants you as their customer. You’re bombarded with information, and one of the carrots dangled in front of you is the “special offer”. No waiting periods, a new pair of runners, baby pandas … the list goes on.

Almost every health fund has a special offer every month. Frank’s guilty of it too – this month we’re offering the ability to claim straight away on most extras when you take up combined hospital and extras cover.

Special offer

What do you mean, "most extras?" Excludes major dental.

But here’s the thing…

Frank believes you shouldn’t be distracted by gifts. Work out which health cover is best for you - the special offer is just a bonus.

So until November 30, Frank will match any competitor’s current special offer where we’re allowed to by law.

What do you mean, “allowed to by law?”

All health insurers are bound by the Private Health Insurance Act, which dictates that new customers can only receive a special offer to the value of up to 12% of their annual premium. So, sometimes Frank can’t match a competitors deal. This is only because we’re cheaper to start with.

That’s Frank, low cost. And a stickler for the rules.

Here’s how it works

Frank’s done the research and below is a list of most of the special offers during November. Some of the offers from the other health funds have conditions attached to them, such as only being available on combined cover, or only on singles cover, and so on. Those same conditions apply with Frank.

Like with all special offers, this offer is only available to new Frank members on new memberships. That means if you have been with Frank in the last 6 months, then sorry you don’t qualify… But if you haven’t then you are good to go! Or if you cancel your membership within the cooling off period, Frank will refund you any premiums you have paid, less the value of the special offer you received when you joined. Fair is fair.

Other health fund special offer Eligible Frank covers What Frank will give you
New Balance voucher –
$100 for singles
$200 for non-singles
Any combined cover Cash into your bank account –
$100 for singles
$200 for non-singles
Garmin Vivofit –
1 for singles ($129 value)
2 for non-singles ($258 value)
Any combined cover Cash into your bank account –
$129 for singles
$258 for non-singles
Movie Tickets –
6 adult tickets for singles ($117 value)
12 adult tickets for non-singles ($234 value)
OR 6 adult and 6 child tickets for non-singles ($204 value)
Any combined cover Cash into your bank account –
$117 for singles
$234 for non-singles
OR $204 for non-singles
$50 Westfield gift card Any hospital or combined cover Cash into your bank account –
2 month extras waiting periods waived Any combined cover 2 month extras waiting periods waived
1 month free + 2 month extras waiting periods waived Any combined cover 1 month free (applied on the second month) + 2 month extras waiting periods waived
1st month free Any cover 1st month free
Or Frank's special offer Eligible Frank covers
Claim straight away on most extras Any combined cover

Frank Special Offer Details

Claim straight away on most extras:

We'll waive the 2 and 6 month waiting periods on extras when you take out combined hospital and extras cover by November 30. Join now and you can start claiming straight away on the following services:

Included Not Included
yes GENERAL DENTAL: including Periodic oral examination, Scale & clean and Fluoride treatment no MAJOR DENTAL: including Endodontic and Orthodontic – things like a surgical tooth extraction and a full crown veneer.
yes OPTICAL (eg prescribed spectacles / contact lenses)

Cool. So how do I get this Frank awesomeness?

It’s as easy as getting a quote for cover, then selecting the offer you want when you join online.

Frank even gives you three ways to choose your cover.

Don't forget, this ends on November 30, so be quick.

Frank understands everybody has different needs

So Frank gives you a couple of ways to get a quote:

  • Build Your Own
  • What Others Buy

Cheap Health Insurance

So you're looking for Cheap Health Insurance? Well you've come to the right place!

Frank gets that you don't want to pay more than what you have to. And being on a budget won't stop you from being covered by Frank. With Basic Hospital cover you can get peace of mind without breaking the bank. And if you're after some extras like dental & optical Frank can help you out there too.

What is Private Health Insurance?

There are 2 different kinds of Private Health Insurance:

  1. Hospital Cover- for when your admitted to hospital
  2. Extra's Cover- for things like chiro, physio, dental & optical

Frank gets that Private Health Insurance is expensive, but if you break an arm or leg it could break the bank by costing you more. Did you know... The average cost of a knee reconstruction in the private system is about $5000? Ouch.

How can Frank make health insurance cheaper?

Frank is thrifty and can help you tighten your purse strings:

  • All online- Less overheads means you pay less
  • Mix & Match covers- we don't make you take out both Hospital & Extra's
  • Basic Hospital cover - cover without the bells and whistles. Simple cheap health insurance
  • Some or Lots extras cover – If you want some extra's like optical & physio but don't want to go over the top, some is ideal
  • 50% or 80% back on extras- 50% costs less than 80%
  • Excess - choosing a Frank hospital cover means you have a $500 excess, so you only pay it if you are admitted to hospital

Why do you need Health Insurance?

There are many reasons why you might choose to take our health insurance.

  1. Just want to avoid the tax man- You can reduce the amount you need to pay the Tax Man by taking out private Hospital Cover. Frank has a great cheap cover just for this – Basic Hospital.
  2. You're turning 30 - You can avoid the future fees of Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) loading by taking out Private Health Insurance when you turn 30.
  3. Getting older – You're starting to understand you might not be invincible anymore, so you want to take a little bit of health cover just in case.
  4. Need to cover for the family – you want to make sure your family are covered just in case.
  5. How can you get Cheap Private Health Insurance?

Here are Frank's Cheap as Chips Tips...

  • Look for products with exclusions that you don't need. Like dentures, pregnancy & cataracts
  • Know what you want- if you just want to avoid tax then just get the basic cover

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Special Offer

Frank may match competitor's special offers this month