Frank's current special offer

Special offer

Join Frank by September 30 and get your 1st month FREE on combined hospital and extras cover!

Some health insurers make you wait until your 2nd or 3rd month to get your 1 month free. Not Frank. Frank doesn't like waiting and knows you don't either.

Instant gratification. That's how Frank rolls.

Get a quote and join Frank today!

1st month free is only available for new members on new memberships. And can't be used in conjunction with any other offer. Kind of obvious, but the legal guys wanted us to make sure you knew.

Don’t forget, this ends on September 30, so be quick.

Why Choose Frank Health Insurance?

  • Frank doesn't want you to pay for health insurance that you won't use
  • Frank is online
  • Frank tells it like it is - no B.S.
  • Get heaps back on your extras cover

More reasons to choose Frank

Looking for your tax statement?

2013 - 2014 tax statements will be available to download on 04/07/14.

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Frank @ Mt Buller

Frank is back @ Mt Buller this ski season. There's epic competitions, 2 for 1 tickets, activities and more. Hit the slopes with Frank.

Frank @ Mt Buller

Frank's Covers

It's important that you select a hospital cover that provides you with the right level of coverage in the type of hospital you want to be in.

So Frank has laid it all out, clearly and simply. Enjoy.

Special Offer

Join by September 30 and Frank will give you your 1st month free