Frank will be completing planned systems maintenance, which means there will be a scheduled outage between 25 June and 1 July 2021.

Important dates

Our systems will be unavailable between the following two periods:

  • 7pm Friday 25 June to 7am Monday 28 June
  • 7pm Wednesday 30 June to 7am Thursday 1 July

All our services will be back online from approximately 7am onwards on 1 July. 


What services will be impacted by the scheduled outage?

During the scheduled outage periods, you won’t be able to access the online member area or make extras claims through any electronic claiming terminals.

Hospitals won’t be able to complete patient eligibility checks in preparation for admissions, but we’ve been working closely with these providers to minimise the impact to you.

What if I am booked in to go to hospital during this time?

For pre-booked admissions, hospitals have been advised to confirm your eligibility, level of cover and liability for any excesses, co-payments or other out-of-pocket expenses prior to the outage to ensure you’re covered and that your hospital experience is as smooth as possible.

What if I need to visit a hospital emergency department and need to be admitted for treatment?

If you do visit a hospital emergency department and need to be admitted as an inpatient for treatment, we have provided participating private hospitals with instructions on how to clarify eligibility benefits prior to your admission.

How do I check what services I am covered for?

A reminder that the online member area will be unavailable during the outage. To find out more information about what services you’re covered for, we recommend downloading a copy of your Product Fact Sheet in the member area prior to the outage.

How can I make a claim for my extras services during the scheduled outage?

Due to claiming terminals being unavailable as a result of this outage, you won’t be able to receive extras benefits on the spot.

If you are planning on using your extras cover during either of the outage periods, please ask for an itemised receipt from your provider and lodge your claim using our photo claim tool on your mobile. You will need your mobile or membership number and the email address linked to your membership to get started. Your claim will then be processed as soon as our systems are back online.

Should I reschedule my appointment?

You will still be able to access any healthcare services and treatment covered under your policy during this period. However, if you prefer to receive your benefit immediately, you may want to consider rescheduling your appointment to a time not impacted by the outage.

Can I still contact Frank during the scheduled outage?

We’ve tried our best to minimise the impact of this outage by completing the systems maintenance outside of business hours. If you have any questions, we’re still available from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday via webchat, email or phone on 1300 437 265.

Will payments be affected?

Scheduled payments won’t be impacted by the outage. However you won’t be able to make one-off payments in the member area during the outage periods. Please ensure you contact us during business hours via phone or in one of our branch locations if you do need to make a one-off payment.