Yes, Frank may match special offers this month

A lot of people think buying health insurance is all too hard. Fair enough - there's a lot of distractions out there and everyone wants you as their customer. You're bombarded with information, and one of the carrots dangled in front of you is the "special offer". No waiting periods, a new pair of runners, baby pandas... the list goes on.

Almost every health fund has a special offer every month. Frank's guilty of it too - this month we're offering six weeks free when you take up combined hospital and extras cover.

But here's the thing...

Frank believes you shouldn't be distracted by gifts. Work out which health cover is best for you - the special offer is just a bonus.

So until March 31, Frank will match any competitor's current special offer where we're allowed to by law. So if there is another offer you really want instead of 6 weeks free Frank may match it for you.

What do you mean, "allowed to by law?"

All health insurers are bound by the Private Health Insurance Act, which dictates that new customers can only receive a special offer to the value of up to 12% of their annual premium. So, sometimes Frank can't match a competitors deal. This is only because we're cheaper to start with.

That's Frank, low cost. And a stickler for the rules.

Here's how it works

Frank's done the research and below is a list of most of the special offers during March. Some of the offers from the other health funds have conditions attached to them, such as only being available on combined cover, or only on singles cover, and so on. Those same conditions apply with Frank.

Like with all special offers, this offer is only available to new Frank members on new memberships. That means if you have been with Frank in the last 6 months, then sorry you don't qualify... But if you haven't then you are good to go! Or if you cancel your membership within the cooling off period, Frank will refund you any premiums you have paid, less the value of the special offer you received when you joined. Fair is fair.

Other health fund special offer Eligible Frank covers What Frank will give you
New Balance voucher -
$100 for singles
$200 for non-singles
Any combined cover Cash into your bank account -
$100 for singles
$200 for non-singles
Garmin Vivofit -
1 for singles ($129 value)
2 for non-singles ($258 value)
Any combined cover Cash into your bank account -
$129 for singles
$258 for non-singles
Optical Vouchert -
$100 for singles
$200 for non-singles
Any combined cover Cash into your bank account -
$100 for singles
$200 for non-singles
$50 Westfield gift card Any hospital or combined cover Cash into your bank account -
No waiting periods on any extras Any combined cover No waiting periods on any extras
2 & 6 month extras waiting periods waived Any extras or combined cover 2 & 6 month extras waiting periods waived
1 month free + 2 & 6 month extras waiting periods waived Any combined cover 1 month free (applied on the third month) + 2 & 6 month extras waiting periods waived
1st month free Any cover 1st month free
Or Frank's special offer Eligible Frank covers
Get six weeks free Any combined cover

Cool. So how do I get this Frank awesomeness?

It's as easy as getting a quote for cover, then joining online.

Don't forget, this ends on March 31, so be quick.

Health insurance and pregnancy

Frank understands that having a baby is an exciting time in anyone's life. But it can also leave you with many unanswered questions. Knowing where to start and having a good plan can put your mind at ease and increase your chances of having a healthy pregnancy.

Frank wants to help and has put together some tips and explanations on things you should know pre, during and post pregnancy.

Which services does Frank cover you for?

Hospital - Pregnancy and IVF

Frank, like other private health insurers can cover you for Pregnancy & IVF related services. Medicare also covers some of the costs. Unless you remove the pregnancy cover, Frank's Best Hospital covers:

  • Medical procedures including; specialists fees, anaesthetic fees and some other hospital charges (whilst you're an inpatient)
  • Hospital charges such as accommodation & delivery suite
  • Medical Gap
  • The choice to stay as a private patient in a private or public hospital (if you are on Frank's Basic Hospital cover, your hospital costs are covered by Frank for a shared room accommodation in a public hospital only)
  • Your choice of Obstetrician for the labour

Extras - Antenatal and Postnatal classes (from April 1, 2015)

Antenatal refers to service provided before having a baby and postnatal refers to services provided after having a baby (i.e. lactation consultations, breastfeeding classes provided by a midwife). The services provided are generally undertaken by a midwife but can also be taken by a physiotherapist and may include:

  • Preparing for labour and birth
  • Assisting with a baby that won't settle or breastfeed properly

Benefits can be claimed for sessions and courses provided by registered midwives or physiotherapists in a private practice. Antenatal classes must be billed separately from the hospital account and benefits are not payable for courses or sessions that are paid for by Medicare Australia.

These services only have a 2 month waiting period. You can claim either 50% or 80% back up to your $350 limit per calendar year.

You can use HICAPs to claim for these services. If the provider doesn't have this facility, you can claim online in your member area. Having trouble locating your provider? Get in touch and we'll help!

What isn't covered?

  • Medications for IVF
  • Visits to your GP
  • Obstetricians appointments before the birth
  • Any procedures done in the doctor's rooms, (unless performed as an inpatient in hospital).
  • Ultrasounds, blood tests & other tests (unless performed as an inpatient in hospital)Most ante-natal classes

Some of the above services will be partially covered by Medicare.

What's covered and what's not is explained on Frank's Best Hospital cover page.


  • Keep in mind there's a 12 month waiting period for all pregnancy & IVF related services. You don't need to wait 12 months to fall pregnant- just as long as the due date of the baby is after this 12 month period, you'll be covered. That means you still need to take out pregnancy cover at least 3 months prior to falling pregnant. So if you're thinking of having a baby, make sure you're on Best Hospital (with pregnancy) in advance!
  • To ensure your baby is covered by private health insurance straight away you need to ensure you are on a family or single parent policy at least two months prior to the due date of the baby.
  • Frank can't pay benefits for any outpatient services received e.g. consultations with your doctors or any planning and management fees related to your pregnancy.
  • If your baby is due just outside your waiting periods, provide Frank with a letter from your obstetrician stating your due date. As long as the due date is after your waiting period, you'll be covered (even if the baby arrives early).
  • For more information about how much Frank will pay contact us with the medical item numbers given to you by your doctor/s.

As with all of Frank's covers...

  • You will have to pay an excess when admitted to hospital
  • Waiting Periods apply, unless you have already served them.
  • There may be out of pocket expenses in relation to your doctors, such as your obstetrician, pathologist, anaesthetist etc. Make sure you check with them before your hospital visit to confirm if what you'll need to pay.

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Frank Health Insurance is sharing this information to assist members during and after their pregnancy, but does not take any responsibility for advice or actions taken from the above mentioned websites.

Special Offer

Get 6 weeks free when you take out combined cover or if you find a better offer – Frank may match it!