It’s easy to talk to frank.

Speak to Frank Insurance on your Google Assistant, to find answers to your private health insurance questions.

Ask us general questions about health insurance with your voice, like where to find what you need, how to claim or how to get online through your Google Assistant-enabled devices, including your Google Home.

Getting started.

What you’ll need

A Google Home device, or the Google Assistant on a compatible device and a data connection.

Say “Speak to Frank Insurance”

Just ask your Google Home or Google Assistant to “Speak to Frank Insurance”.

Ask your questions

Ask away, there nothing off limits, and when you’re done say “bye” or “see ya”

What you can ask.

Ask Frank Health voice assistant your questions about health cover

Health Insurance

Hospital Cover

Extras Cover

Member Questions

“What is the Medicare Levy Surcharge?”

“How does LHC work?”

“What is the medical gap actually mean?”

“What hospital can I use?”

“Do you have cover for pregnancy?”

“What should I do before going to hospital?”

“Can I see any extras provider I want?”

“Explain annual limits”

“Do I need my card to claim extras?”

“Where can I find my member number?”

“How do I claim”

“Where do I find my tax statement?”

“when do my limits reset?”

Got a question?

You can talk to the Frank Insurance voice assistant on your Google Home or most smartphones that have the Google Assistant app in Australia.

The Frank Insurance assistant doesn’t collect any personally identifiable information, so you can speak to Frank Health like no one is listening.

The voice assistant doesn’t answer specific questions about your cover, if you have a complicated question we recommended you contact frank.

If you’ve got an issue with your Google Home device, a good place to start is the Google Home help.

For any problems with the Google Assistant refer to the Google Assistant help.

Just say 'Bye' or 'Exit' and you'll leave the Frank Health voice assistant