What are some of the most important extras to consider as a young adult taking out a cheap health insurance policy?

I’m young, do I need health cover?

We know, we know. Don’t rub it in. You’re young and healthy, so chasing down cheap extras health insurance for young adults like yourself isn’t on top of your list of priorities. We don’t think it should be on top of your to-do list either, but you might want to think about it at least.

* The price shown is per week and applies to a {LIFESTAGE} living in VIC with a $500 excess. It excludes LHC loading and includes a Base Tier Government Rebate

You probably haven’t thought much about health cover because you are one of the lucky generation of Australians when it comes to health care. You have lived most of, if not all, your life, under Medicare. Hospital admissions and most GP visits have probably been free for you since you were born.

It might surprise you that while that’s the case for a lot of treatments, it’s not the case for everything, and now you are out on your own, this is the sort of thing you have to think about.

There’s no point driving a car without car insurance, so being young and healthy isn’t a reason not to have extras cover.

A good first step when you are looking for cheap extras health insurance for young adults is to work out whether or not you are already covered.

If you are on your parent’s health cover policy, even if you are over 18, you might still be allowed to stay on it. If you are a full-time student and still living with your parents, you might be able

So if you are over 21, or over 18 and not a full-time student, it’s probably

Why should I get extras cover?

Having cheap extras health insurance for young adults allows you to have some control over your health and how, when and by who you are treated. If you’re young, extras cover can be used for preventative treatments, such as dental and optical. If you have glasses, being able to claim money back from your optometrist, when purchasing prescription glasses is great.

The same goes for extras dental cover. Being able to claim money back from the regular trips to the dentist, or some fillings and small procedures, is handy. It’s also cool because it encourages you to go, which can help you out in the long-run.

The same can be said for treatments like remedial massage, which can be used to help keep you on top of your game.

Either way, having cheap extras health insurance for young adults allows you to hold all the cards. It will be there if you need it, and it doesn’t have to be too expensive. It can give you peace of mind and the flexibility to use it if, and when, you want. It can also give you confidence, knowing it is likely you may need these services at some point. If you play sport or exercise regularly, having the knowledge in the back of your mind that if something goes wrong you can get treated, and probably get a better quality of care, is a good thing.

On the flip side, imagine if you didn’t have extras cover and you really needed it. Imagine if you hurt your knee going for a run, or smashed your glasses, and had to wait until you could afford a trip to the physio or optometrist.

Worse still, imagine if you had a toothache and were worried about how much the trip to the dentist was going to cost you. Cheap extras health insurance for young adults can help take that stress away.

Overall, cheap extras health insurance for young adults doesn’t have to equal poor care. In fact, you really can often choose the level of extras cover you want. If you don’t want to pay too much each week, you can choose a cover that excludes some items, or allows you to claim back a smaller percentage of out of pocket expenses. On the other hand, you can keep it all in and pay for a higher level or care, with higher benefits.

What extras should I get?

This is where things get pretty cool. As mentioned before, having cheap extras health insurance for young adults can give you access to a lot, or as little, treatments as you want, all for a good price. As well as dental and optical, which is what most extras cover is used for,  there are a lot of other treatments you can use. If you play sport, physio is a service to look out for. It’s a lot easier to get back on the track quickly if you have access to a regular physio appointment. The same can be said for remedial massage.

Another good thing to know is that cheap extras health insurance for young adults can include psychology treatments. Each year, about one in every five Australians will experience a mental illness, and the figure is even higher for people aged between 18 and 24.

Mental illness is one thing you can’t really plan for and don’t expect it to happen to you, so having extras cover that can help you treat mental illness almost immediately can be a life saver.

Most treatments included in cheap extras health insurance for young adults will include waiting periods. A lot of them won’t be too long, and if you have a pre-existing condition you may have to wait longer, but talk to your fund about it.

There may also be yearly limits to how much you can claim back, so make sure you have done your homework there as well. All this may sound complicated, but it’s not if you know where to look.

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