What is a cheap extras single policy to suit my needs?

Surprise me

It can be easy to think private health insurance is really only something old people need. You might even think you are young and healthy enough to not need it at all, and that cheap health insurance plans for singles are only really there so health funds can make huge profits, right? Well, sure, some health funds can be focussed on profits, but we reckon the way we do things might surprise you.

* The price shown is per week and applies to a {LIFESTAGE} living in VIC with a $500 excess. It excludes LHC loading and includes a Base Tier Government Rebate

As a not-for-profit health fund we are here to help you and you only. We make cheap health insurance extras plans for singles as simple and as affordable as we can, because we know how important they can be. And we want you to use them as often as you need to.

We understand you have grown up with Medicare and one of the best public health systems in the world. You know, and we know, that if anything really bad happens and you have to go to the emergency department, you will be treated, probably for free. That is one of the great things about this country. But what happens if you need to urgently see a dentist, or your glasses break or you hurt your shoulder playing sport? This is where cheap health insurance extras plans for singles can come into play. You mightn’t think you need health insurance at all, but if you are off your parents’ health insurance plan, then it might just be time to start thinking about what you might need to keep you and your budget healthy.

How can extras plans work for me?

Sure, having cheap health insurance extras plans for singles can be about providing benefits when you need treatment, but it can also be a proactive way to look after yourself. Having cover can provide benefits for preventative dental check-ups, remedial massage appointments and new glasses or lenses. It can also help you out with things like ambulance subscriptions and travel vaccinations. Cheap health insurance extras plan can be a good way to keep on top of your health.

They can also be a way of helping you afford treatments when you need it. If you have a toothache that’s making you scream louder than Adele, then knowing there are benefits available to help you afford a visit to the dentist can take a little bit of the pain away. We want you to use cheap health insurance extras plans for singles as much as possible. In fact, we encourage you to use it by reminding you regularly about all the benefits and how you can take advantage of them. As we said before, we are here for you, and want to do anything we can to make health cover as useful as we can.

The Federal Government really wants you to use it, too. They want to see as many people as possible take our cheap health insurance extras plans for singles and provide a rebate for you to do just that. If you have a taxable income of $140,000 or less you can get back up to 26.7% of the cost of your cover, if you are under 65, depending on your income. The rebate is tiered based on both income and age, and it’s important to keep the government up to date with your income so you can receive the right amount.

In a nutshell, extras works like this. When you sign up for one of our cheap health insurance extras plans for singles you pay a premium, which is usually based on the level of cover you choose. Depending on that level, you can claim a certain level of benefits each time you visit a medical practioner who provides treatments listed under your cover, treatments that are usually not covered by Medicare. As mentioned before, those treatments can include things like dental, optical and physio, but can also include things like osteopathy, naturopathy, psychology and podiatry. Usually the higher level of cover you get, the more treatments you can claim benefits for.

There are always waiting periods for extras treatments, and most benefits come with annual limits, which is the maximum amount you are allowed to claim for specific treatments in a calendar year.  If you want to be covered when you are admitted to hospital as a private patient, you will need to take out hospital cover. This can provide cover you for all the things you need in hospital, minus an excess, and dependant on your level of cover could help you avoid elective surgery public hospital waiting lists by giving you the choice of having the procedure done in a private hospital.

What extras cover does Frank offer?

The first place to start when choosing from cheap health insurance extras plans for singles is to think about you; your health, your lifestyle and your expectations. Do you wear glasses? Do you play sport? What is your or your family’s medical history? All these questions can help you choose which plan is right for you. There will usually be enough flexibility in cheap health insurance extras plans for singles to give you choice around these kinds of questions. If you think there are some treatments or services you will probably never need, well not in the next year anyway, look for a cover that accommodates that.

At Frank, we like to keep things simple, so we have two main extras covers – Lots and Some. Both have benefit options of 50% or 80%, which gives you choice of both cost and cover. Lots Extras can give you head to toe coverage with big annual limits, and can be a good proactive way to stay on top of your health. Some Extras gives you basic extras coverage but doesn’t go over the top. It still covers the popular extras like dental and optical, but doesn’t include treatments like psychology, podiatry or antenatal or postnatal classes. 

There are plenty of cheap health insurance extras plans for singles available, but when you are choosing the best one for you, it can be important to not choose on price alone. Think about those questions above and work out which one suits you best. There is no point choosing a cheap plan just because it is cheap, if it doesn’t include benefits for treatments you might need. The same can go the other way, too. The price of an extras plan doesn’t mean it won’t be what you want.

Get 1 month free + skip 2 & 6 month waits on extras* when you join on combined cover by March 31.

*For new members (if you have been a Frank Health Insurance member in the last 12 months, sorry you don’t qualify). Must pay first month to receive second month free. 12 month waits, annual and sub limits apply. Offer ends 31 March, 2018.