What is the best family health and optical plan for my family?

Eye care is important

People can be really silly sometimes. Despite having some of the best and most affordable medical care ever available, getting regular check-ups is often not the done thing. While having cheap health insurance can sometimes be the push some people need to visit, say, a dentist regularly, there is really no excuse at all to not have your eyes tested regularly. When you visit an optometrist for an eye test you don’t need a referral from a doctor and if your optometrist bulk bills (which most do when you have a medically required check-up), you won’t have to pay a thing.

* The price shown is per week and applies to a {LIFESTAGE} living in VIC with a $500 excess. It excludes LHC loading and includes a Base Tier Government Rebate

Regular eye checks are really important, for everyone. A lot of eye diseases can occur slowly and often without any clear signs or symptoms. Regular check-ups can help pick these up early, which can make management and treatment easier.

When it comes to families, regular eye check-ups can be even more important. Eye problems can affect children’s learning if they are not picked up early, and it may even be the case that a child doesn’t even know something is wrong. If they have grown up with an eye problem, they may just think the way they see the world is normal.

As parents, eye checks are also important. We all know vision can deteriorate as we get older, so being able to manage that as early as possible can be handy. Even if you don’t need glasses, optometrists can give you advice on how to make the most out of your vision for work, sport or with your hobbies.

Having cheap health insurance and cheap optical family cover can give you the push you may need to get your eyes tested regularly, and the peace of mind to know it is there if you need further optical care.

How does cheap optical family cover work?

Finding cheap optical family cover is a pretty big deal, given glasses are usually for life. Optical cover comes under extras insurance and immediately falls under all the same rules and regulations of whichever cheap health insurance extras policy you choose. When you take out cheap optical family cover your will be able to claim benefits for prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses (frames included) as well as prescription contact lenses. Like most health funds, Frank’s cheap health insurance won’t cover you for non-prescription sunglasses or repairs of frames you buy without prescription lenses or ophthalmology appointments.

Frank’s two extras covers are detailed below, and they both offer benefits of either 80% or 50% of your cost of glasses or contact lenses. They also offer different annual benefit limits, which are limits to the amount you can claim, either per person or per couple/family, on specific extras treatments over a year. Our Lots Extras package gives you a higher annual limit than our Some Extras policy.

Depending on what your optical needs are, that can be important, as the limits are the same within each policy. If you wear glasses and only update them once a year, then either policy with an 80% limit is probably the best bet for you. If you need to buy contact lenses regularly, then choosing the 50% option will allow you to stretch the limit out over a longer period.

Cheap optical family cover also usually comes with a waiting period of six months for optical services, so keep that in mind before you sign up.

What are my other cheap health insurance options?

At Frank, we know how important finding affordable health cover is. We also know how boring spending hours looking for the right cover for you and your family can be. That’s why it’s our mission make it as simple and as easy as we can. Let’s start with the basics. Health cover comes in two types – hospital and extras. Hospital cover is there for when you are admitted to hospital and extras is for all the other health treatments Medicare is unlikely cover, things like, dental, optical, podiatry, phsyio and alternative therapies. Frank’s four hospital covers are flexible and affordable.

How much of your hospital expenses are covered depends on your level of cover. All our hospital policies cover you as a private patient for shared room accommodation in a public hospital, whilst others cover you as a private patient in a shared or single room in a private hospital. Our hospital covers also come with Gap Cover, which can give you a little extra protection. Make sure you check out the details of how that all works if that’s important to you. All our hospital policies cover you for admissions after accidents, and there are a few surgery exclusions to keep in mind when you are looking for hospital cover as part of your cheap health insurance.

When it comes to those treatments in our extras cover, if you don’t have health cover, you will probably have to pay full price for them. Our two extras covers – Lots Extras and Some Extras – work on a percentage system when it comes to benefits. They both offer your choice of either 80% and 50% back on included services (up to your annual limits), which means we will pay either 80% or 50% of what the provider charges you, providing you are eligible and paid up. There are usually annual limits on how much you can claim overall in a year, per individual and per family or couple. Just in case you thought we couldn’t make finding cheap health insurance any easier, we also package hospital and extras cover into what’s called bundles, which can put everything you want and need into one easy place.

Get 1 month free + skip 2 & 6 month waits on extras* when you join on combined cover by March 31.

*For new members (if you have been a Frank Health Insurance member in the last 12 months, sorry you don’t qualify). Must pay first month to receive second month free. 12 month waits, annual and sub limits apply. Offer ends 31 March, 2018.