Which health insurance plan is best for my family?

There is nothing worse than when a member of your family is sick, no matter how old they are. On top of the stress of dealing with the illness, there can also be the financial worry of paying for services Medicare doesn’t cover. Frank has cheap health insurance options for you and your family that can help make that time a little bit easier. After all, that’s what we’re here for.

* The price shown is per week and applies to a {LIFESTAGE} living in VIC with a $500 excess. It excludes LHC loading and includes a Base Tier Government Rebate

How does family cheap health insurance work?

There can be big differences between in the needs for cover for families and singles or couples, so the first thing is to realise this difference exists, and make it work for you. Health insurance is there for everyone, and cheap family health insurance can help you be ready for the things life can throw at those who have kids

There are generally two types of health cover – hospital and extras. It shouldn’t be a surprise to know that hospital insurance covers you for admissions to hospital for accidents, emergencies or what’s called elective surgery. This can be really important for kids, as it covers operations like having tonsils removed or adenoids out. Obviously, it also covers you for a lot more.

The other type of health insurance that can help families is extras cover. That covers you for health treatments and services you usually don’t go to hospital for, like physio, dental, optical and even antenatal or post-natal classes.

Why do I need family health insurance?

No one wants to compromise on anything when it comes to their family, and the good news is having cheap health insurance doesn’t mean you have to. Anyone under the age of about 30 has grown up with Medicare and knows how important it is to Aussies. Cheap health insurance works alongside Medicare, with an aim to help everyone, including young families, get the treatment and services they want and need.

Cheap family health insurance can mean a lot of things for different families. It could mean having that elective surgery with the surgeon you want, instead of being stuck on a public hospital waiting list for the next available doctor.

It can mean choosing to recover in a single room in a private hospital, depending on your level of cover. On the extras front, your family can claim benefits from regular visits to the dentist, or prescription glasses lenses or contacts for you or the kids. Having all this, and still being able to see the doctor or specialist of your choice is pretty much the main reason we exist.

How do I know which cover is best for my family?

A little life-hack when it comes to choosing family cheap health insurance is to talk your family GP first. They should be across how we work and should be able to give you the lowdown on what you and your family may need, in terms of level and type of cover. From your end, think about what you want, the level of cover you can afford and where you think you might be in the medium term. If you play sport, think about extras cover that includes physio or remedial massage. If your kids are young, consider dental – both major and general. If they are a little older, cover that includes orthodontics might be worth looking at. Either way, it’s really up to you.

As you can probably tell there are a lot of things to consider and a lot of cheap health insurance options to think about. We have made it easier for you with a simple range of policies. Check them out here or here. They aren’t too complicated and give you the choice of individual hospital or extras cover, or both bundled together. Our bundles give you the options of having most of the perks of private health cover, or if you are healthy and looking for low cost-cover, a package that covers you for only hospital admission after an accident.

While we clearly believe in simplicity, we also believe in making sure you don’t pay too much. As a not-for-profit company, our priority isn’t shareholders, it’s you. Being online-only means we can do things a bit differently than a lot of other fund when it comes to costs, and we are proud of that.

What about pregnancy?

Ah, the big question. We were wondering when you were going to get around to asking that. Having a baby is a pretty cool time of your life, and you don’t have to be Sherlock to realise preparation is important. It’s good to know that we at Frank can give you one less thing to worry about when it comes to pregnancy. While we don’t cover you for obstetrician appointments before the birth, our Best Hospital cover can look after your other hospital needs. This cover includes private hospital benefits, a delivery suit and an obstetrician for labour.

It can also cover you for IVF treatments. On top of that, our Lots extras cover can also chip in and help. With this cover, you can also claim benefits for antenatal and post-natal classes, provided they are put on by registered midwives or physios and are not sessions Medicare will pay for. The trick to remember with any cheap family health insurance is that there are usually waiting periods that apply. To be able to claim any of the pregnancy benefits, you’ll need to have the cover for about three months before you fall pregnant. In a nutshell, there’s a 12-month waiting period. With antenatal or postnatal classes, that waiting list is generally only two months.

If you want to have your baby in the public system and want to wait until they are born to add them to your policy, then just change your single or couple policy to a single parent or family policy at the time.

If you don’t plan on making your family any bigger, then a neat little trick is to exclude all the other pregnancy stuff from Best Hospital cover, which will make your premium cheaper and still allow for the treatments and services you need and want. Also, check out our hospital and extras bundles.

Just remember, cheap health insurance, like most insurances, can include premium payments, and there may be gaps to pay as well. Check out all this with us before signing up. There are also annual limits and sub limits on some treatments but, again, all this can be answered with a simple email, phone call or visit to our FAQ area.

Get 1 month free + skip 2 & 6 month waits on extras* when you join on combined cover by March 31.

*For new members (if you have been a Frank Health Insurance member in the last 12 months, sorry you don’t qualify). Must pay first month to receive second month free. 12 month waits, annual and sub limits apply. Offer ends 31 March, 2018.