Dental Insurance Plans. What is the cheapest deal?

Dental treatment is one of those things we tend to put off, but having extras cover means you do not have to.  Having extras cover (even cheap health insurance for dental) means that some of the costs are paid by the health fund for treatments such as check-ups or some procedures.

* The price shown is per week and applies to a {LIFESTAGE} living in VIC with a $500 excess. It excludes LHC loading and includes a Base Tier Government Rebate

Medicare does not provide rebates when you see a dentist and have procedures such as dental hygiene or routine exams. It will pay for 75% of special medical procedures that are performed in a hospital by a Medicare registered oral surgeon or dentist. However, there are often very long waiting periods to receive this treatment and some people can remain on waiting lists for years. If you have a toothache or other dental issues waiting this long may be near impossible so it may be worth instead having cheap health insurance cover for dental.

When considering the best health insurance for dental procedures there are two key dental elements:

  1. General Dental – this cover includes visits to the dentist, small fillings, cleans and x-rays.
  2. Major Dental – this cover includes braces, wisdom teeth removal, crowns, bridges and cover for dentures.

Dental insurance plans are covered under most extras policies. Even the cheapest extras health insurance policy offered by Frank has dental included. This covers both general and major dental, however, you must note that the rebates payable on these levels of cover will vary. There may also be waiting periods (especially for major dental) for certain procedures so make sure you understand your cover and what it includes.

It is important to compare different dental insurance plans to find the best deal for your health insurance. Dental benefits are one of the main reasons people take out health insurance in Australia. So if you are purchasing health insurance for the dental benefits then you need to try and find a provider that offers the best level of cover for your requirements. At Frank Health Insurance we offer a range of plans and prices to suit every individual’s needs and budget. Make sure that you take the time to adequately research the options, prices and wait times before committing yourself to a dental insurance plan.

Plans can differ depending on how much you pay a month for your coverage and how much you’ll have to pay when dental services are rendered. Some plans will require that you pay a certain co-payment for services, or meet a specific deductable before the dental insurance company begins payment. Other plans may limit coverage to a specific dollar amount maximum per year.

When reviewing your dental insurance plans there are a few points to take into consideration:

  • How much will it cost me on a monthly basis?
  • How much will the health insurance provider pay for my services?
  • Does my health fund allow me to see the dentist I choose or do I need to see their chosen dentist? Frank doesn’t have preferred providers. You can see any registered dentist you want.
  • Are there waiting periods on certain procedures?

Another thing you should make sure to check is waiting periods before you claim your insurance. Wait times can differ with each policy. Waiting period waivers and discounts for dental care services also might be available. But make sure you check with your insurer to find out the best option for you.

So before committing to a dental insurance plan check out Frank Private Health Insurance as we have a variety of plans to suit everyone’s needs. At Frank Private Health you can choose your own dentist and we will pay you anywhere between 50% to 80% back depending on your level of cover.

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