What is a cheap dental health insurance plan for my kids?

We put the whole family first

Every family is different and every child is different. So it makes sense that cheap dental health insurance plans for kids aren’t all the same and can offer plenty of choice. When it comes to your family, choice is important, so is simplicity, and that is what we are all about at Frank. We know choosing between cheap dental health insurance plans for kids can sometimes be complicated, and we do our best to make it as simple as we can. But we also know when it comes to your kids compromise isn’t a word you want to use.

* The price shown is per week and applies to a {LIFESTAGE} living in VIC with a $500 excess. It excludes LHC loading and includes a Base Tier Government Rebate

So, by having a range of cheap dental health insurance plans for kids that allow you to give them the care they need, and not break your weekly budget, we put you and your family first. When it comes to extras cover, we know how important cheap dental health insurance plans for kids can be. With the cost of dental treatments, and the fact they are unlikely to be covered by Medicare, having extras cover can help you and your family when you need it most. One of the first things you will realise when you view our covers is it’s free to add your children to your policy. Family policy premiums are the same as couples’ premiums, which is one way we put your family first. 

Another way we can make cheap dental health insurance plans for kids work for your whole family is by structuring our policies to ensure that mum and dad are not left out. We know parents always put their children first, but we believe dental cover is too important for anyone to miss out on, especially when the kinds of things mums and dads need to see the dentist for can be a lot different, and a lot more expensive, than their children’s treatments.

The dental details

As mentioned above, our cheap dental health insurance plans for kids can be valuable for the whole family. Extras plans don’t just cover you for dental, but they also provide benefits for other treatments you usually don’t go to hospital for, like physio, chiro, and optical, as well as things like travel vaccines and alternative therapies. Extras cover differs to hospital insurance, which provides cover for when you are admitted to hospital, either for an accident or emergency or for elective treatment. Extras cover provides treatments for three kinds of dental treatments – major dental, general dental and orthodontic.

It’s important to know orthodontic treatment is usually treated a different way when it comes to claims, waiting periods and annual limits. The difference in cheap dental health insurance plans for kids between general and major dental is quite simple. General dental can provide benefits for things like fillings, simple extractions and examinations. These are the sorts of treatments children are more likely to need as they grow up.

Major dental cover can provide benefits for the more complicated and expensive treatments like crowns, bridgework, dentures, and complicated extractions. These are the kinds of treatments parents are more likely to need. Some cheap dental health insurance plans for kids will only cover you for general dental, but at Frank, as we mentioned above, we know the importance of simple health cover, and having everything on the one policy can be a real bonus. So, we make sure both our covers provide benefits for both general and dental treatments.

Another way we make sure cheap dental health insurance plans for kids can help families long-term is by ensuring preventative dental treatments are also covered. Within our general dental cover, we provide benefits for treatments like check-ups, cleaning and fluoride treatments. Seeing a dentist regularly can prevent decay and spot little problems before they become big ones. Being able to claim for these kinds of treatments and services can encourage you to use them, and anything you can do for your children when it comes to preventative health measures now, can have a large impact on them for the rest of their lives.

What options are there?

We have two cheap dental health insurance plans for kids – Lots Extras and Some Extras covers. As they sound, Lots Extras can provide benefits for more treatments than Some Extras. As a general rule, the higher the level of cover in private health insurance, the more it covers. The higher the level of cover, the higher the premium can be, too. But when it comes to cheap dental health insurance plans for kids, Lots Extras and Some Extras both offer benefits for the same treatments, and the same benefit levels, but with a few small differences.

Both offer preventative and general dental, with waiting periods of 2 months, and provide benefits for major dental treatments with 12 months waiting periods. Both offer a choice of either 50% or 80% back in benefits for extras treatments, including major and general dental. Premiums for the 50% options are usually a little lower. Benefits mean that if a dentist charges you $100 for a treatment, you could claim either $50 or $80 back (up to your annual limits), depending on which level of cover you choose. These choices within cheap dental health insurance plans for kids exist because of what’s called annual limits. Annual limits are a cap on the amount you can claim, either per person or per family, on specific treatments in a calendar year. For Lots Extras cover, the limits are higher than Some Extras. So, if you think your kids will be frequent visitors to dentist, then the 50% option might be best for you, because you’ll be able to stretch your annual limit further across the year. The other thing to remember about annual limits is there can be some sub-limits, which are limits for specific services within a service type, such as preventative dental sub limits within general dental annual limits. 

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