What is the best cheap health insurance extras plan for couples which includes chiro cover?

What does chiro treatment involve?

Considering chiro treatments when looking for cheap couples extras cover is a popular idea. Chiro treatment is one of the most popular extras additions, with the latest available figures showing health funds paying out more than $70 million a quarter for chiro benefits alone. Like most extras treatments, Medicare doesn’t cover most chiro treatments, so not having cheap couples extras cover can leave you fitting the entire bill. And chiro treatments can be very handy. Chiros can diagnose, treat and help prevent conditions of the spinal and musculoskeletal systems, which is basically your bones, muscles, tendons and joints.

* The price shown is per week and applies to a {LIFESTAGE} living in VIC with a $500 excess. It excludes LHC loading and includes a Base Tier Government Rebate

They do this by manipulating those bits to correct the spinal column and treat the nervous system. If you suffer from things like headaches, back pain, shoulder pain or joint pain, chiro treatment might be worthwhile. Because chiro is so popular, and can help so many people, it can be a regular addition to most extras covers. Extras cover provides benefits for treatments and services you usually don’t go to hospital for, such as chiro, dental and physio. Most treatments found in cheap couples extras cover aren’t covered by Medicare, so having health cover can help your budget if you need to access treatments like chiro. Putting off having what can be nasty pain treated because of the cost is not a position anyone wants to be in.

What covers include chiro?

As we mentioned before, chiro treatment is quite popular. At Frank, we have two extras covers that are also quite popular – Lots Extras and Some Extras. By keeping our extras policies simple, we reckon it’s easier to work out which one is best. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t have flexibility of choice when choosing your cheap couples extras cover. Both our extras covers offer benefits of 50% or 80%, which means, for example, if you choose the 80% option and your chiro charges you $100, you can claim $80 back, providing your cover is up to date and you have served your waiting period, which at most funds is about 2 months. Both our extras covers provide benefits for chiro cover, and both offer 50% and 80% back in benefit options. There are two main reasons for choosing different benefit levels when deciding which cheap couples extras cover to take out.

Having a lower level benefit usually means premiums will be slightly lower. The second reason has to do with what’s called annual limits. Annual limits are a cap on how much you can claim back on a specific treatment in a calendar year. When it comes to chiro, the annual limits in both our policies are the same. So, if you think you might be a regular user of chiro cover, but only for relatively simple appointments, then the 50% benefit might be for you. That’s because it will take you longer to reach your annual limit with a smaller benefit. If you think you will use chiro infrequently, then the 80% back option might be better for you. Speaking of annual limits, there is a small but important difference between our policies. With our Lots Extras cheap couples extras cover, the chiro annual limit is bundled in with osteopathy. So the $400 per person annual limit on the couples cover can be used across both services. In our Some Extras cheap couples extras cover, the chiro and osteo $400 per person annual limit on a couples cover also includes physio, hydrotherapy, myotherapy, naturopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture and remedial massage. It’s important to note here you can only claim on one of these treatments per provider per day, and you can’t claim on things like equipment, herbs, pills or supplements recommended by providers.

How do I know which cover is right for me?

When looking for a cheap couples extras cover, often the first place a person goes for advice is their GP. If you think chiro cover is something you may need or want to use in the future, then that’s not a bad first step. If chiro treatment is one of the reasons you are thinking of taking out cheap couples extras cover, then it could be worthwhile also thinking about hospital cover. We have four hospital covers aimed at most budgets and health needs. We also have two bundled packages. Bundles are pre-packaged covers that include both hospital and extras. They can give you everything you need in one spot, with one simple premium and claims process.

So, as well as your doctor, ask yourselves some simple questions deciding which cheap couples extras cover is right for you. Clearly, an understanding of your health situations and any family health history information is important. That will give you some indication of what treatments or services you might need or decide to use in the next year or so. Then look at your lifestyle and whether you are a regular exerciser, whether you play sport or have a hobby that could see you fall victim to over exuberance. That can also give you an idea of what to look out for. And finally, the all-important budget. Different people often have different expectations of health cover, and therefore have different expectations on the amount they are willing to pay. Weighing up the benefits for a cover with you budget is the final step to get you on the way to choosing the best cheap couples extras cover for you.

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