What couples cheap health insurance plans have optical cover included?

How does optical cover work?

It shouldn’t be a surprise, but when it comes to cheap health insurance for couples, there aren’t too many more popular services than optical. In fact, health funds like us pay out more for optical care than we do for all but one other extras treatment. We all paid out more than $233 million in benefits in the last bit of 2016. That’s a lot of pairs of glasses. Part of that is probably due to the fact Australians place a big importance on eye health. Almost all of us believe our sight is our most important sense. Another part is because glasses and lenses can be expensive.

* The price shown is per week and applies to a {LIFESTAGE} living in VIC with a $500 excess. It excludes LHC loading and includes a Base Tier Government Rebate

When you are looking for cheap health insurance for couples, the best place to start is extras cover. Extras cover provides benefits for optical services, as well as a range of other treatments you don’t go to hospital for. Other popular extras treatments include things like dental, chiro and physio. Extras cover can also include benefits for things like ambulance subscription rebates or travel vaccinations. These treatments are also not usually covered by Medicare, so not having cheap health insurance for couples can mean you have to pay full price for them. When it comes to optical treatments, the eye check consultation itself is usually covered by Medicare. After that, a relevant Extras cover could help you out.

Cheap health insurance for couples works alongside the public system, and offering benefits for optical claims is a good example of that. While you can claim the exam on Medicare, any glasses and lenses you need are unlikely to be covered. So, that’s where we step in. Our optical cover as part of our cheap health insurance options for couples can provide benefits for prescription glasses, prescription sunnies and prescription contact lenses. Health cover generally won’t provide benefits for non-prescription sunnies, repairs or frames purchased without a prescription or ophthalmologist appointments. Ophthalmologists are eye specialists or eye surgeons and usually perform operations on the eyes.

Which Frank covers include optical?

We know the importance of optical cover and why it should be a part of cheap health insurance for couples. That is why it is included in both our main extras cover – Lots and Some. Like most health policies, the higher the level of cover, the more treatments or services you are covered for. Lots Extras is our highest cheap health insurance for couples when it comes to extras, and Some Extras covers you for the popular treatments without going over the top. At Frank we are big on cheap health insurance for couples being simple and affordable, and we also reckon they should be flexible. These two extras covers are proof of that. Both Lots Extras and Some Extras offer benefits of either 50% or 80%. That means you could get either 50% or 80% back from an eligible optical claim.

That is as long as you have served your six-month waiting period from when you first took out your cover, and that you have not yet reached your annual limit. This one is important here, and can help you decide which cheap health insurance for couples to choose. Annual limits are a cap on how much you can claim for specific treatments in a calendar year. For Lots Extras optical, couples can claim up to $500 on their policy, and with Some Extras the limit is $240. If optical cover is one of the main reasons for choosing cheap health insurance for couples, then whether you chose the 50% or 80% benefit may depend on whether both of you have glasses. If you choose the 80% benefit option, then you will get more back on each optical claim, but you will reach your annual limit faster. If you choose 50%, you will get less back and it will take you longer to hit the limit. If you’re unsure how it all works, drop us a line.

What else do I need to know?

Like dental, optical cover can be a smart way to get even more value out of your cheap health insurance for couples. If you wear glasses, you are probably going to be a regular or semi-regular user of optical services. Being able to claim benefits for something you might already be using anyway can be a nice little bonus. And when you tie that in with being able to claim benefits for things like dental examinations, having cheap health cover can become even more attractive.

If you want a health cover that can give you the benefits of extras insurance and the peace of mind of hospital cover, then it might be worth considering our Essentials Bundle. This package offers you optical cover, as well as covering you for a raft of treatments if you are admitted to hospital.

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