What cheap hospital cover should young couples have?

What are the benefits of hospital cover?

Being a young couple usually means you don’t have a lot of money to throw around, so finding cheap basic health insurance cover for couples can be an important part of helping you manage your weekly budget. Whether you are saving for a house, a wedding, a holiday or just trying to pay rent and make ends meet, it can be good to know there is a health fund like us out there that is determined on helping you afford the peace of mind hospital cover can bring.

* The price shown is per week and applies to a {LIFESTAGE} living in VIC with a $500 excess. It excludes LHC loading and includes a Base Tier Government Rebate

Hospital cover as part of any cheap basic health insurance cover for couples certainly has its benefits. It covers you for when you are admitted to a private hospital, or a public hospital as a private patient. If you choose a policy that includes cover for a private hospital, you might be able to avoid public hospital waiting lists and even choose the doctor or specialist you want. We all know Australia’s public health system is one of the best in the world, and we are so lucky to have Medicare. But choosing cheap basic health insurance cover for couples can complement the public system and allow you greater choice during what can be a stressful time. Being able to choose where you are treated and by who can be important for a lot of people, and choosing cheap basic health insurance cover for couples when you are young can help things cost less down the track. And the last thing you want when you are young is to be stuck with large medical bills because you wanted to fix that knee or tooth as soon as you could and you thought the wait was too long.

What are our options?

In a nutshell, we know cheap basic health insurance cover for couples can be just that – cheap. And that is kind of why we exist. We want hospital cover to be affordable for everyone, including young couples. We don’t think it should be something that just families and retired people should be able to afford. We want to make cheap basic health insurance cover for couples affordable, simple and also flexible. You can see that in the four hospital cover options we have. We reckon we have something that will suit most budgets, and our policies offer different levels of cover for different needs. It all starts with our Basic Hospital cover which covers you for admission to a public hospital as a private patient. You won’t get treated like a Hollywood star getting a nose job, but you won’t pay through the nose either. Speaking of which, cosmetic surgery is excluded from all our hospital covers, and there are a couple of other treatments excluded from our Basic Hospital cover to help keep the cost of premiums down.

After all, cheap basic health insurance cover for couples should be all about giving you value for money and the access you need. Next level up is our Basic Hospital (Some Private) cover, which covers you for most treatments in a public hospital, and a few common ones in a private hospital, such as when you have an accident, when you need to get your appendix out, or need dental surgery. This policy is just another example of how our dedication to help you find the right cheap basic health insurance cover for couples revolves around choice, simplicity and affordability. Our Better Hospital (No Co-Payment) option can give you the benefits of private health cover without the top price tag. It features a few exclusions, again to keep the price down and offer you more options and more flexibility. Our highest hospital cover – Best Hospital – is all about giving you the works (nose job and other cosmetic surgery aside). Even so, it can still be an affordable option when comparing cheap basic health insurance cover for couples across all health funds.

What about cost?

No doubt cost can be an important factor when looking for cheap basic health insurance cover for couples. As well as the benefits and the premiums, there can be other financial bits and pieces to take into consideration. The first is Lifetime Health Cover loading. If you are under 31, then great, because getting hospital cover before you are 31, means you can avoid it costing you more when you are over 31. The government attaches a 2% loading onto hospital cover for every year you are aged over 30. So, if you take out hospital cover for the first time at 40, it will cost you 20% more than if you are 30. The next financial incentive to consider when looking for cheap basic health insurance cover for couples is the Federal Government rebate. To encourage people to take out health cover, the government offers you a tiered rebate when you sign up, depending on your age and income.

This can reduce your premiums of cheap basic health insurance cover for couples, especially young couples, by about 25% or more. Next comes the possible avoidance of the Medicare Levy Surcharge. The MLS is a tax or surcharge some families and individuals pay, on top of the regular Medicare Levy. If you have hospital cover, you could avoid having to pay this surcharge.

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