Best Cheap Health Insurance – What Questions To Ask?

Buying or choosing the best cheap health insurance policy can be considered to be a tedious task. There are many factors which need to be considered when joining a health insurance company. These days there is a long list of health insurance companies and different policies to choose from and understanding them can be tricky. When looking at taking out the best cheap health insurance many questions can arise because health insurance is not a short term decision but rather a long term necessity that will support your most precious possession, your health and complete wellness.

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Common Questions When Finding The Best Cheap Health Insurance Policy

What is Private Health Insurance?

Private health insurance allows you to be treated as a private patient in a public or private hospital. This means that you are able to choose the doctor and hospital you are treated in at a time that suits you. The best cheap health insurance also provides cover for services not covered by Medicare such as physiotherapy, general dental, podiatry and lots more. Many people rely on private health insurance to access services they would otherwise by unable to afford.

If you purchase the best cheap health insurance hospital cover, you will be covered for some or all of the costs of being a private patient in a public or private hospital. The type of private hospital services you can receive depends on the hospital cover you purchase.

If you purchase private health insurance extras cover you receive out of hospital services that are generally not funded by Medicare such as dental, optical and physiotherapy.

Who is covered in my policy?

It is important to understand who is covered under your private health insurance policy, whether you are single a couple or family. Make sure you add all dependent children to your membership. If you have recently had a baby you need to change your membership to a family policy. If you do this within two months from the date of their birth your child will not need to serve any additional waiting periods. If you are already on a couple or family membership you can add a dependent child to your membership at any time and will not need to serve any waiting periods already served on the membership.

Are there waiting periods which apply?

All health funds have waiting periods. A waiting period is the period of time you need to wait after taking out your cover before you can receive benefits for services or items covered. Waiting periods apply to people who are new members to a health insurance company or changing you cover to a higher level. If you are changing your cover to a higher level you are still entitled to benefits at the level of your former cover while you are serving any waiting periods on your new cover.

Waiting periods vary depending on the types of services or items included in your cover. They often range from two months for services such as podiatry and ambulance up to 12 months for obstetrics and orthotics. Make sure you check your health insurance policy as waiting periods differ.

Am I covered for any pre-existing conditions I have?

If you were ill before you boought the best cheap health insurance you will have to serve a pre-existing ailment period before you are covered for treatment associated with your illness. This waiting period is usually 12 months. It is recommended you check all the specific details with your private health insurance company.

Is it important to review my cover and can I change to a higher cover?

Often you can have different health needs at different stages of your life so it makes sense to review your private health insurance policy often. This is especially important if your situation changes such as you are planning to start a family, your kids have grown up or you have developed an illness. It might also be necessary to change your policy to a higher level of cover. If you do change to a higher level you may have to serve a waiting period before you can claim. This includes transferring to policies with lower excesses or gap fees.

What are my out of pocket expenses?

An out of pocket cost is any expense for hospital or extras service you are not reimbursed for by your private health insurance company or Medicare. Out of pocket expenses vary depending on your provider and level of cover. Make sure you understand what rebates are included in your policy and level of cover.

Above are just a few of the most common questions asked when looking at taking out the best cheap health insurance policy. At Frank Private Health Insurance we can answer any questions you have by contacting our team via email, webchat or on the phone. We will make sure you find the best cheap health insurance for you and your family.

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