Easy as Frank.

We are on a mission to make health insurance easy for you.

  • Straight forward products, telling you what you’re covered for
  • Explain everything upfront, making it easy for you to know what you’re buying
  • We’re entirely online with no branches, and we don’t spend money offering you fancy health tools or useless health advice
  • Frank is built lean from the ground up. Low overheads mean easier, cheaper cover
  • We’re also not for profit - good cover for a low premium

Simple and affordable health insurance and nothing else.

Use your dentist or physio or optometrist …

We believe in freedom of choice, so we pay the same benefits to any registered provider. This means you can use your regular dentist, optometrist or physio and still claim.

We’ve been doing this a while.

Frank has been offering simple health insurance since 2009.

We’re part of GMHBA, a well-respected not-for-profit health insurer with over 80 years of experience (they’ve been around since 1934).

See for yourself

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